Caprolactum prices plunge due to weak market demand

Caprolactum prices plunge due to weak market demand

In China, liquid and solid good offers were both down USD 70 a ton in the second week of November

Asian markers, the SE and FE rolled over at USD 1300-1350 a ton while trading values for East European goods were at US$1,300-1,350 a ton.

Sinopec retained its November contract nomination to USD 1730 a ton for liquid goods.

DSM Nanjing’s settlement for November was at USD 1870 a ton for solid goods.

Caprolactum prices were lower that week amid bearish sentiment and range bound benzene markets.

In China, mainstream spot values dipped. Liquid Caprolactum offers in spot market edged down while offers for low-end solid goods were declining.

Sinopec and DSM Nanjing maintained their settlement for November at previous week’s level.

Demand was sparse as run rates of polymerisation units are running at 75% capacity and inventory level at 10 days’ worth.

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