Prices for Nylon yarns decline in China

Prices for Nylon yarns decline in China

In China, prices of semi-dull FDY70D/24F were down US cents 4 a kg in the second week of November and FDY40D also fell US cents 4 a kg.

Nylon DTY 70D/24F prices were also down US cents four for a kg while DTY 30D/10F were stable on the week.

Monofilament 30D was down at 17.00-18.00 Yuan a kg (USD 2.67-2.83 a kg) and 1.5D staple fibre were at 15.50-16.00 Yuan a kg (USD 2.44-2.51 a kg).

Nylon filament yarn prices declined following decreased operating pressure.

In China, nylon yarn makers gained confidence with improved demand, both in domestic and export markets. To top it, raw materials were receding relieving cost pressure.

Demand for nylon yarn saw improvement due to moderate performance in hosiery, underwear, weaving and warp-knitting sectors.

As the year’s end is approaching, downstream mills were consuming inventory and bought from hand to mouth yarn volumes.

Nylon yarn makers run rate was stable with inventory still at 28 days’ worth. As producers intended to cut operating rate, the downslide is to decelerate, amid softening raw materials and dull demand.

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