Novelties from Swedish clothier Kappahl

Novelties from Swedish clothier Kappahl

The Swedish clothier Kappahl has published a combined annual and sustainability report. The company has opened new stores and launched an online shop in Poland. The company launched also a Christmas collection for charity

As of November 20, 2015, Kappahl’s combined annual and sustainability report will be available to download from its website.

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In the ending fiscal year the following main goals were initiated: Started rapid rollout of new store concept, “For You”. An increased their digital presence through increased investment in areas such as Shop Online. The company implemented a major project to improve the logistic flow from production to store, and Kappahl worked on clarifying the brand towards our customer, women in the prime of life. It launched the sustainability strategy Future Friendly Fashion in 2020.

On November 12, 2015 the fashion chain, opened for the first time three new stores in the same shopping centre. When Mall of Scandinavia in Solna (S) opens its doors, the fashion chain, in addition to a KappAhl store, also opens its first standalone store for successful brand Hampton Republic 27, and the hit brand Newbie opens its third store there.

 With independent brand stores the company and its unique brands will be enhanced by making them available to more people, says KappAhl’s acting CEO Anders Düring.

During the past year, KappAhl has expanded by opening Shop Online in more countries and opening freestanding stores for its individual brands. First out was the baby collection Newbie, now it has three own stores. Now the first own store of the brand Hampton Republic 27 exists.

Kappahl 3The baby range Newbie, where all the cotton is 100% organic, has been a success from the start and has in only a few years grown in scope. Since some time, the range also includes interior design for the little ones. One year ago, the first Newbie Store opened and became an instant success. The store in Mall of Scandinavia will be store number three. It is 74 m2 and lies in an attractive location on the top floor.

The preppy collection Hampton Republic 27 is inspired by the good life in the iconic resort of the Hamptons inKappahl 2 the US. The range has grown strongly with KappAhl’s customers and has evolved from only consisting of Men’s fashion, but now includes Women and Children. In the store, the range will also include home accessories. The retail space is 250 m2 with an attractive location on the top floor.

A fresh and modern KappAhl store with a complete range of Women, Children and Men will be at the best business location in the Mall of Scandinavia. The shop is 730 m2 and is located on the lower floor.

In the new stores we display KappAhl’s own design at its very best, says KappAhl’s Vice President Marketing, Joakim Holmstrand. Every detail is planned to enhance the customer’s wishes that it should be inspiring and easy to shop.

KappAhl expands its e-commerce to Poland. With responsive design and modern technology the fashion chain available since November 19, 2015 to customers all over Poland – around the clock, every day. “It is the customer who decides when and how she wants to go shopping, says KappAhl’s Vice President Marketing Joakim Holmstrand. Now KappAhl is present around the clock also in Poland, and therefore on all our existing sales markets.”

Kappahl 4KappAhl’s e-commerce in terms of sales has experienced strong growth since its launch in 2011. Sales have been further strengthened by the technical development that has taken place since. The fashion chain follows the customers’ consumption patterns closely in order to contribute to easy and inspiring shopping.
 “Customers are preparing their purchases more and more online today. Therefore, it requires more of KappAhl in the form of presence and a clear concept, says Joakim Holmstrand. For the customer it is about the facts that everything needs to be very clear, they shall recognise KappAhl whether they are on Shop Online or in a physical store.”

KappAhl Shop Online Poland is available at

In keeping with tradition, at KappAhl, the fashion brand is stepping out into the Christmas shopping season and encouraging its customers to contribute to the support of organisations* who work helping children and young people in need. This year, it is doing so with a specially-designed pyjama collection with a penguin motif.

 “The different penguin designs symbolise that all children are different yet unique in their own way, and that it’s important that all children be allowed to be themselves,” says Fredrik Levy, Designer at the company.

This year’s theme is once again “Fine as I am”. The idea behind the collection was to find a motif that reflected children’s unique personalities and qualities.

 “Helping disadvantaged children is something that lies close to our hearts, and we are using this time of year – a time when we see the greatest customer flows to our stores – to highlight these organisations’ important work,” says Charlotte Högberg, KappAhl’s Head Corporate Communications.

This year’s Christmas collection, in support of disadvantaged children, is a limited children’s collection that features 100% organic cotton. The collection is a sleepwear range and includes nightdresses, pyjamas, baby pyjamas, socks and a pair of slippers. The pyjamas and nightdresses even come with a small jumper that children can put on their cuddly toys. For each garment sold, SEK 20 will be donated to the organisations mentioned below and will work to provide help and support to vulnerable children and young people.

The collection has been developed by KappAhl’s design team, and its motif features different penguins on garments in blue, off-white and pink, with colour accents in complementary shades. The pyjamas and nightdresses are available in sizes 86-116 and the baby pyjamas in sizes 50-92. The collection is available instore and online.

With the campaign “Fine as I am”, KappAhl wants to highlight organisations* working for children in need and to emphasise the message that really should be obvious – that all children and young people are fine as they are. The supported organisations’ are in contact with children and young people every day and many of them say they feel pressure – from both those around them and themselves – to be more intelligent, cooler, better looking, taller, shorter, thinner, stronger, lighter, browner, funnier and better. Quite simply, they do not feel good enough as they are.

In Sweden, KappAhl supports Bris via the “Fine as I am” campaign, in Norway Kors på Halsen, in Finland Mannerheimförbundet and in Poland the Nobody’s Children Foundation (FDN).

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