Santex Rimar Group announces SMIT Textile to join its brands

Santex Rimar Group announces SMIT Textile to join its brands

SMIT Textile is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of weaving machines established in 1938 and renowned for the high standard levels of innovation, productivity and versatility, ensuring competitiveness among a large variety of applications, from garments fabrics to home textiles, terry cloths and technical fabrics

The group announced at ITMA 2015 in Milan that it has started the acquisition of SMIT Textile, one of the world leading manufacturer of looms and weaving machines.

Ferdinando Businaro, Santex Rimar Group President stated: “SMIT Textile has deep roots in our territory and a strong heritage. Such technological knowhow and committed human capital struggled by the recent crisis deserves to keep growing. I firmly believe restarting companies is necessary to unlock new opportunities and to generate a condition of economic upturn in Italy, but not only”.

With the support of Santex Rimar Group, SMIT Textile will be able to restart producing and supplying customers worldwide.

Stefano Gallucci, Santex Rimar Group CEO added: “In 2015 we achieved our ambitious objectives and today we are well prepared to further grow our business. This operation fits our five years strategic plan enabling Santex Rimar Group to be a partner for our customers throughout their production processes, from loom to finished natural and technical textiles. One more chance for our customers to be competitive and successful”.

With this synergy between SMIT Textile and Santex Rimar Group customers can rely on one integrated technology provider for all production processes, a global service network, high quality products, a partner with a profile financially sound and deep technological heritage and know-how.

Santex Rimar Group is present in various countries with 4 factories and more than 10000 customers throughout the world. Due to the presence of the Group local operations in China and in India, SMIT Textile will immediately be closer to customers all over Asia, ready to fulfil their needs on site on time.

Investments in the next future aim to evolve SMIT Textile products leveraging on Santex Rimar Group R&D department, and it will join with key customers and research institutes to meet their innovation needs.

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