Italian Santoni and Fulgar eco-friendly at ITMA 2015

Italian Santoni and Fulgar eco-friendly at ITMA 2015

“Sustainable technology” is the main theme for ITMA 2015, one of the most important global events in the textile sector. And against this backdrop, Fulgar and Santoni – two high-profile Italy textile producers – make their presence felt with an innovative project that reflects their care for the environment: A unique collection was developed in collaboration with students at the Machina Lonati College

On the one hand latest generation machinery with reduced environmental impact – Santoni’s SM8/TOP2V – and on the other a 100% biological fibre, Evo® by Fulgar, a cuttingSantoni_1270 edge product in the field of hi-tech biological materials and textiles. This prestigious combination has become the inspiration for a special project with the vocational training college “ITS Machina Lonati’. Santoni and Fulgar have brought, in students from the ‘Fashion technologist Designers’ course to create a new, original interpretation of seamless products. This initiative will for the first time involve the use of Fulgar’s biological EVO® fibre.

The creativity of talented young people – Alessio Bonetta and Valeria Dallan – is combined with the most recent technological innovations in the textile sector – also supporting environmental sustainability – to create an ‘eco-friendly’ Seamless collection. A series of denim-inspired garments that, thanks to Fulgar’s EVO® fibre, combines a green heart with a gutsy, high-performance personality for a modern urban look with even higher levels of comfort.

With the launch of EVO® Fulgar introduces a new way of producing yarn, a perfect synthesis of performance and environmental awareness. With 100% biological origins, Fulgar’s innovative EVO® yarn boasts properties that include lower specific weight, excellent heat insulation performance, quick-drying, maximum breathability, odour control and bacteriostatic action, providing outstanding comfort, unique performance and intense respect for nature.

It offers exceptional productivity, on average 30% higher than the current model and is incredibly energy efficient. It is due to technological innovation that allows our machines to have a lower environmental footprint. This combined with improved ergonomic design for ease of servicing offers a potential 30% extra production for the same overhead space. Combine this with a 15% reduction in energy consumption and you have a machine offering improved environmental sustainability. It is also a very user-friendly model and comes equipped with completely new developed knitting parts; i.e. the yarn-finger group, a new sinker cap for high quality wool yarns and other natural yarns as well as improving plating possibilities, all of which contribute to an improved final product quality.

Santoni and Lonati, as machine manufacturers, have adhered to the project of “Sustainable Technology” promoted by ACIMIT. The ACIMIT Green Label is a document that aims to identify the energy and environmental performances of textile machinery and makes them easily recognisable and comprehensible using a process designated by the manufacturer as an evaluation parameter. Italian textile machinery manufacturers who wish to use the ACIMIT Green Label must comply withthe sustainable technologies project and related rigorous compliance standards defined by ACIMIT, validated and certified by RINA, an international certification body, only then making it possible to be awarded the Green Label.

The two companies have obtained the ACIMIT Green Label as confirmation of their commitment towards the environment as can be seen from the labelled machines, showing in this way to be perfectly in tune with this exhibition’s main topic – “The Sustainable Technology“.

Sustainability is one of the foundations of Fulgar social responsibility policy, starting from the concept “A better Way to the Future”, a synthesis of environmental conscious behaviour, aimed at the preservation and improvement of the ecosystem world.

The environmental policy of Fulgar is based on three pillars: a production process characterized by low power consumption, a strong focus on recycling and the adoption of a system of traceability of the final products, all at consumer protection.

FULGAR @WORLD TEXTILE SUMMIT 2015 – Confirming the attention always paid towards the environment preservation, Fulgar speaks in occasion of the World Textile Summit on sustainability and responsible innovation.

Santoni/Lonati Group can be found at ITMA in Hall 7 Booth C106

The students of ‘Its Machina Lonati School’ and ‘Accademia delle Belle Arti Santa Giulia’ in Brescia also prepared a video to illustrate the project and reveal its ‘making of’, as well as a special app to let view and download all the news about the ITMA exhibition. Both tools are available via the link below.

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