Geratex introducing first-of-its-kind textile fabric processing technology at ITMA

Geratex introducing first-of-its-kind textile fabric processing technology at ITMA

Geratex Machinery Pvt Ltd from India is launching and introducing a first-of-its-kind, innovative and sustainable textile fabric processing machine to process fabrics, whether mercerizing, bleaching, desizing or washing at ITMA 2015 in Hall 3, Booth F-124

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Using Ultra Sonic technology on industrial size washing machines, the Geratex fabric washer offers higher efficiency in terms of space, energy usage and also chemicals and water consumption. The Ultra Sonic technology can even be retrofitted into existing fabric processing machines to achieve comprehensive savings. The major benefits are:      Technology helps reduce around 20-30 percent of chemicals; Achieves 25-35 percent in water savings; Delivers 30-35 percent in energy savings; Compact size helps save space up to 60 percent.

As per actual production trials, the machine helps save around 20-30 percent of chemicals, delivers 25-35 percent water savings and 30-35 percent in energy savings with the biggest advantage accruing from its compact size and helping save space up to 60 percent.

The Ultra Sonic waves accelerate the water molecules in the bath, which move practically at the speed of sound or several thousand times in a second, thereby creating a turbulent effect in the machine and achieving the whole process in half the time taken by existing technologies.

While desizing, the Ultra Sonic washing technology completely does away with wetting agents and the amount of chemicals used is reduced by 30 percent, due to which volume of water consumed is also lessened considerably.

On the Tegewa scale of 1-10, a measurement tool to calculate the efficiency of washing, the conventional technology scores between 4 and 6 points after desize washing, while the Ultra Sonic technology achieves between 7 and 8 points.

For the bleaching process also, the innovative technology consumes 30 percent less chemicals and delivers the desired bleaching effect in 50 percent of time as against conventional machines. Results are equally good for post-dyeing washing also.  

In case of mercerising of fabrics, while conventional technologies consume 300-320 gms per litres of caustic soda, the Ultra Sonic technology uses just 200-220 grams per litres, while delivering equivalent results.

Water is heated to a temperature of 95 degree centigrade before washing in existing technologies, while the water needs to be heated up to just 65 degree centigrade, which results in high energy savings in case of the Ultra Sonic technology. 

Additionally, when treating functional fabrics with anti-bacterial or flame-resistant properties, the turbulent effect created by the technology helps chemicals penetrate deeper in to the fabric which help the fabrics retain the functionalities longer.

Despite, being a new technology, cost of installing the technology will be down by 40 percent when compared with conventional fabric washers as the cost of the new technology is lower, requires smaller related ancillaries like boilers, electrical power, etc., and finally uses very less space.

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