Brugnoli presents Br4 made with the new fibre EVO® by Fulgar

Brugnoli presents Br4 made with the new fibre EVO® by Fulgar

Brugnoli has more than 60 years of experience in the creation and production of elastic knit jersey for swimwear, lingerie, fashion, sports and athleisure. Fabrics with high quality standards reaching important technical performances

With the launch of Br4, Brugnoli makes a new step forward in the respect of the environment acting both at the raw material level and acting directly on the production process. To provide the maximum raw material quality and reliability, Brugnoli has turned to the Italian company

Fulgar, leader in nylon and covered yarn production. Fulgar has a long-standing commitment to the research and development of innovative products that answer the textileBrugnoli Br4 - 2 sector’s requirements but also – and more significantly – support conservation and improvement of the global ecosystem.

The raw material chosen for the new Br4 fabrics is the new EVO® fibre designed by Fulgar, the most advanced biological-origin high tech materials and fabrics. With 100% biological origins, Fulgar’s innovative EVO® fibre boasts properties that include lower specific weight, excellent heat insulation performance, quick-drying, maximum breathability, odour control and bacteriostatic action, providing outstanding comfort, unique performance and intense respect for nature. With the launch of EVO® Fulgar introduces a new way of producing yarn, a perfect synthesis of performance and environmental awareness.

To create the new fabric family Br4, Brugnoli set up a dedicated specific production process (patent

pending) that delivers soft, elastic and extremely comfortable technical fabrics, perfect for swimwear, lingerie and sports. At the same time it favourably impacts on the environment: CO2 emissions lowered by at least -20% versus standard process and reduction in water waste.

This is on top to what Brugnoli and its holding, including the dying mill BLColor, have already put in place in the last 10 years: here following some of the most significant actions: Use of looms with energy saving engines, which enable an energy reduction beat least -20% compared the standard process; Use of new generation dying machines, in order to lower water and energy consumption, with an average by -30% versus standard process; Use of heat exchangers with inverter to further reduce energy consumption; Use of photovoltaic systems with a consequent reduction of CO2 emission about by at least -200 tons/year; Use of high quality dyeing agents, with respect to the environment; Ban of substances considered harmful for the environment such as fluorocarbon, metals, solvents, ecc; Use of eco-friendly finishings; Caring of green areas within its residential area; and now the launch of Br4, bio-based fabrics, with 100% bio-based yarn.

With the launch of new fabrics Br4 and their specific production process, Brugnoli reinforces its sustainable approach and further innovates its textile offer.

Brugnoli Giovanni S.p.A. is an Italian textile Company focused on elastic knit fabrics dedicated to fashion, swimwear, lingerie and sports. Founded by Giovanni Brugnoli in 1952 as a small textile lab that boomed after a few years thanks to the intuition of its founder and his ability to value one of the most complicated products to be produced in the textile industry: the knit fabric. Over the years, thanks to the management and vision of Luigi Brugnoli, the Company has been constantly updated while investing in new machinery, high quality yarn and mainly top of line processes and fabric design, hence offering unique, technical and sophisticated products. Since the beginning of 2000, the Group put greater emphasis on the quality of the product and customers’ needs by creating B.L. Colour, a fully automated dye house supervised with passion by Achille Denna. Ever since, in addition to creating customized products based on customers’ demands, Brugnoli also offers the Full Shades Service, namely the certainty of making solid and constant colours, but mainly an infinite range of colours while capturing the imagination of the customer. Today, after more than 60 years in the fashion, swimwear, lingerie and sports sector, the Group is led by Roberto, Massimiliano and Luca Denna, the three nephews of the Founders who have taken the Company to produce more than 3 million metres of fabric per year for customers around the world, putting additional energy and innovation, perfectly matching the Family tradition.

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