Inca with new ‘Inca Genius’ for Partnerships in Industrial Solutions at InPrint 2015

Inca with new ‘Inca Genius’ for Partnerships in Industrial Solutions at InPrint 2015

Inca Digital introduces its new serviceInca Genius, a dedicated technology and applications arm, Inca Genius is designed to serve the needs of organisations looking for an established partner to help develop innovative inkjet production solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

The last few years have seen huge technical advances in digital inkjet print in terms of quality, productivity and use cases. As well as traditional print applications, inkjet printingInca-Think_Print_Together-image has made massive inroads into new areas such as packaging, ceramics, and textiles. These new and lucrative sectors offer tremendous opportunities for companies looking to provide innovative product and service solutions to new markets and territories. Inca Genius serves as the ‘development and manufacturing hub’ to bring those projects to reality.

Inca Genius leverages the knowledge, established technology and experience of in-house development, production and support teams in areas such as mechanical engineering, print head technologies, substrates, and software development. Together with close partner relations with leading ink manufacturers, head developers and RIP vendors, Inca Genius provides a complete resource for the development of new and exciting inkjet print solutions. Whether the requirement is for an inline print engine or a complete standalone digital print solution, Inca Genius provides the technical, application and commercial expertise to help realise the full potential of digital print.

At InPrint 2015 (November 10-12,2015), Inca Genius (Both D41) will showcase a range of samples demonstrating how inkjet-based print solutions can be used on a variety of substrates, including wood, metal, laminates, wallpaper, synthetic leather and packaging cartons.

“Inca Genius is the perfect partner for companies looking to develop and manufacture inkjet-based imaging equipment for specific industrial applications,” says John Mills, CEO, Inca Digital. “Our experience allows us to develop industrially reliable print, with a dedicated team of designers, engineers and software specialists. Inca Genius can help companies realise their ideas for inkjet-driven print and manufacturing solutions.”

Inca Digital Printers, part of the Dainippon Screen Group, is one of the world’s leading pioneers and manufacturers of flat-bed inkjet printing technology. Today the ground-breaking Onset X Series ensure that Inca’s products remain at the forefront of productivity, quality and reliability. Inca’s distributor, Fujifilm, manufactures and develops the UV inks used in Inca machines and sells the flatbed printers around the world. Inca’s facility in Cambridge, UK, incorporates R&D, customer support, machine assembly and commissioning, a dedicated training facility and clean rooms for print head assembly and refurbishment. Around a quarter of staff are involved in R&D and significant investment here helps the company maintain its position at the forefront of machine productivity, innovation, quality and reliability.

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