Personalities – A new face at Swiss Crealet


A new face at Swiss Crealet

Since October 2015 Andreas Wirz (32), electronics technician TS, has been working at CREALET as a technical assistant. He was previously working as a team leader in electronics production

Asked about its first impression working at Crealet, he stated “I’m excited about my new challenge, to be working with customers and suppliers on specific projects within controlCrealet engineering. It’s interesting to see the different drive technologies in specific applications. The constructive collaboration within the new team has also convinced me that we will achieve creative solutions.”

About his previous positions, he explains: “I have been interested in electronics since I was a child. I completed an electronics technician apprenticeship at the company Brunner Electronics. After the training, I was able to solidify my knowledge in the testing department. My diligent and reliable way of working was rewarded with the opportunity of learning a new area of responsibility as an Assembly Manager. With a cooperative management style and the trust of my co-workers, my responsibilities grew to include the area of the SMD department and Safety Supervisor.”

What he expects of textile developments in the next five years: “The demand for technical textiles will continue to grow in the future. Technical textiles offer various solutions, which are being used within medical technology and the industrial and building industries.   The challenge for textile producers is to position themselves at the forefront of technology with great innovative strength.”

On the future of Swiss SMEs, he comments “The machinery industry is of course suffering under the persisting euro crisis. Future prospects had to be adapted. Yet, a number of SMEs in Switzerland are surprisingly resilient. These kinds of crises offer companies the opportunity of rethinking their position in the market, and force them to create new, innovative solutions. Cooperation with Swiss partners is essential for the quick realisation of high-quality products. Flexible and innovative companies who are able to gain a foothold with niche products will be rewarded.”

On his expectations at ITMA 2015 in Milan, where he will be a newcomer: “I am looking forward to investigating the different weaving machine manufacturers and their products. And of course, I look forward to meeting CREALET’s customer network. I also hope that both our existing and potential customers recognise our innovative designs, so that we may continue to provide solutions within the various weaving technologies.”

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