Onyx Graphics showed at InPrint how to automate digital colour for industrial manufacturing

Onyx Graphics showed at InPrint how to automate digital colour for industrial manufacturing

At InPrint (November 10 -12 2015 in Munich, Germany) Onyx Graphics, Inc. showed how its RIP and colour management software can manage and automate consistent digital colour printing onto a wide range of substrates in the manufacturing process

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“ONYX software is a powerful colour management workflow and RIP software that plays an important role in streamlining the process of industrial production using inkjet technology,” says Bryan Manwaring, Onyx Graphics. “Managing digital printing onto a variety of substrates including wood, metal, textile, ceramics, plastics and more is our strength.  We specialise in helping companies increase their manufacturing productivity and reduce their costs by giving them an easy-to-use system that takes a design file and puts it into production as seamlessly as possible to ensure they always achieve predictable output.”

ONYX works closely with hardware manufacturers and OEM’s globally to develop expert colour solutions tailored to meet their specific industrial printing needs. The company supports customers across multiple sectors, including: graphics, décor, fashion, biomedical, electronics and sports products.  “Ensuring accurate colour is a critical part of many manufacturing processes. Get it right and everyone is happy – get it wrong and there can be significant implications in terms of cost and disappointed customers,” explains Bryan. “For example, we work with an online retailer that allows its customers to upload artwork to create various ultra-customized products. The company has integrated ONYX software into its manufacturing process to ensure the results are exactly what the customer expects.”

At InPrint, ONYX experts have provided advice and demonstrate ONYX 12, the next generation of the company’s workflow and RIP products that offer speed, performance, a simplified interface and advanced application tools to do more in less time.

Celebrating 25 years of innovation, Onyx Graphics is dedicated to helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge with superior print and colour quality. Its passion for delivering superb colour led to the development of ONYX Colour, Onyx Graphics’ own colour engine optimized specifically for large format inkjet printing. Innovative, productive, and satisfied customers around the globe help motivate the company to continually develop and enhance its leading-edge technologies. Global channel partnerships and longstanding relationships with printer manufacturers position Onyx Graphics as a market leader in powerful, reliable, large format printing workflow software. 

A video of textile applications is to be viewed by using the first link below.



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