United Colours of Benetton: New Collection is a new commitment for all the World’s Women

United Colours of Benetton: New Collection is a new commitment for all the World’s Women

With “A Collection Of Us” and “Benetton Women Empowerment Program” the Italian fashion brand reinterprets its own essence, a unique mix of knitwear and social commitment in the U.S. collection

Women telling their stories and listening to other women’s stories: only by sharing their wisdom will the world’s women be able to build a better future for us all. This is the philosophy behind “A Collection Of Us”, a brand new United Colours of Benetton collection, composed of four capsules are released in October, December, February and April, respectively. Heritage, technique, colour, performance: each of the capsules revamps a central element of the brand’s identity by reinterpreting it and charging it with dynamic, contemporary meanings.

Knitwear, colour and innovation hold “A Collection Of Us” together. The capsule collections bring this three-way alliance back to the centre of the stage, highlighting the technicalBennetonbox_event_acou skills that create soft, polished, trendy, high performance knitwear, and drawing attention to the imaginativeness and forward looking spirit of Benetton fashion.

A global campaign will also be launched on October 22 to accompany “A Collection Of Us”. It will feature five female models, each belonging to a different generation and background, each carrying a message of emancipation and empowerment to be spread through digital and traditional media, and destined to all the world’s women.

What if every woman in the world could be the protagonist of her own story? This question is at the base of the new social commitment by the Treviso-based clothing company, whose sustainability strategy for the coming years will focus specifically on women, who are still waiting to be guaranteed a sustainable livelihood and full participation in all economic sectors.

The “Benetton Women Empowerment Program” is a long-term initiative that supports projects and concrete actions aimed at targeting important key priorities for women, following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations for 2030: sustainable livelihood, non-discrimination and equal opportunities, access to quality education and healthcare and an end of all forms of violence against women.

Benetton’s Women Empowerment Program takes roots in the Italian fashion brand’s long history of social commitment and moves on to recognize that gender equality is not only a human right, but a necessary step toward building a peaceful, prosperous and more sustainable world for all.



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