HempFlax invests to support hemp cultivation and processing in Romania

HempFlax invests to support hemp cultivation and processing in Romania

HempFlax, a Dutch company leader on the hemp processing segment, has invested EUR 5 million in hemp growing and processing in Romania, where its first factory opened in Alba County, in central Romania this October. The investment made by HempFlax is a private investment and supports the hemp cultivation and processing market. The Dutch company buys hemp bales from local farmers, which it processes into fibres.


In the recent years, Hemp growing and processing has been increasing in Romania, as the processed hemp is mostly exported and used in various industries abroad. Several local and international producers are looking to revive this industry.

Before 1989, Romania was the fourth largest hemp exporter worldwide, but the cultivated surfaces went down dramatically after 1990, reaching a few hectares in the early 2000s.

HempFlax also grows its own hemp and has about 500 hectares cultivated with this plant near Sebes. The company aims to grow the cultivated area by 300 hectares each year. The plant’s processing capacity is four tons per hour, which means a target of 5000 cultivated hectares in order for it to reach maximum capacity.

The hemp fibres are a renewable and durable raw material, which can be used in many industries and can replace synthetic fibres like nylon, glass fiber, and plastics. This is why, HempFlax aims to revive this industry where Romania used to be a top player worldwide before 1989, according to Oana Suciu, general manager HempFlax Romania.

Hemp fibres are used in the paper industry, insulations industry, auto industry, as well as in the textile industry. The hemp wood can be used in constructions, in combination with lime, and can replace concrete. The seeds and leaves are used in the food industry, as well as in the cosmetics industry. Hemp cultivation requires no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

Romania’s legislations allows industrial hemp growing, but only for specific varieties, which have low THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrations of under 0.2 %. Hemp is closely related to marijuana.

HempFlax, a Dutch company active since 1994, designs, develops and patents special equipment for growing hemp, especially in what concerns the harvesting side, offering an innovative combine that manages to mix three distinct harvesting operations – the harvesting of hemp seeds, stems and leaves.


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