Opsh Launches in the UK

Opsh Launches in the UK

Opsh provides shoppers with a single destination to shop across their favourite High Street brands with a single account and checkout

For the retailer, it is a super affiliate channel with end-to-end sales point.  A three day non-technical integration is provided and there is no disruption to retailer’s online payments, supply chain management and transactional flow.

OpshThe site takes a retailer’s marketing feed and enriches it with deeper information, product imagery and real-time stock information. Users are able to check-out a multi-brand account, creating instant purchases across each retailer in real-time.

Unlike other shopping platforms, Opsh does not hold stock, but facilitates the transaction between shopper and retailer – offering the freedom to explore entire product ranges and the retailer to sell unrestricted. Curation is at the heart of all that Opsh does for the shopper. Once signed up, Opsh creates tagging algorithms across products and content to deliver results in accordance with interests and buying behaviour. Unlike other fashion apps, Opsh offers a fun shopping experience, but critically, is focused on the purchasing experience.

Opsh was founded by three sisters – Jennie, Sarah and Grace Mc Ginn – who felt compelled to create a better shopping experience online for women. “Opsh is all about taking the hassle out of shopping.  We’re all avid online shoppers, and created Opsh because we were sick of how time-consuming online shopping was becoming,” explains Sarah, co-founder and Head of Marketing.

The McGinns are at the forefront of Ireland’s booming tech start-up scene – a generation of young entrepreneurs bursting out of the recession with new ideas backed by international investors. Opsh has established a strong customer base in Ireland and is now set to take on the UK market.

“Big picture? In five years’ time,” says Jennie, “we’d like to be one of the top five shopping destinations for women. That’s a global goal, and the UK market is the perfect place for us to start.

Brands currently available on OPSH include: EmptyBreak:MARKER; Reiss; Jaeger; Urban Outfitters;  Wolf & Badger; All Saints; Uniqlo; House of Fraser; Warehouse; New Look; Forever 21. 


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