Oerlikon Neumag airlaid technology for US Avintiv

Oerlikon Neumag airlaid technology for US Avintiv

Oerlikon Neumag has successfully assembled and commissioned an Airlaid Web Forming System for the production of hygiene airlaid nonwovens at Avintiv, formerly Polymer GroupOerlikon Neumag Inc., Benson, North Carolina USA

Following an assembly period of just three months and the subsequent three-week commissioning phase, within a short time the system operated under stable conditions, with expected web quality.

Hartmut Claussen, Head of Project Engineering at Oerlikon Neumag, summarizes: “It was thanks to the close and intensive collaboration between our customer and us. Both parties acted as one team and we are really happy to have reached our common targets.”

With top-quality machinery and expertise in process and project management, Oerlikon Neumag has added a second airlaid system for high-quality hygiene webs to its good reputation within the Avintiv Group. Avintiv is one of the world’s largest producers of nonwoven applications for hygiene, medical and cleaning applications.



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