Bluesign selects award winning Archroma One Way as its new BlueXpert Tool

BLUESIGN selects award winning Archroma One Way as its new BlueXpert Tool

Archroma, a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals, recently announced that Switzerland’s bluesign technologies ag has selected Archroma’s ONE WAY calculation tool as the engine behind the bluesign® blueXpert resource tool that is due to launch in 2016

bluesign® blueXpert was introduced at the fourth bluesign conference, held in Saint-Gallen, Switzerland, on July 14-15, 2015. The new tool represents a milestone in resource-efficient textile production, as it enables manufacturers to immediately save 50 % of water, 30 % of energy and 15 % of chemicals during the production process.

Archroma contributed its resource calculation tool to the industry initiative, which also was launched at the bluesign conference. Via this initiative, it is joining with other textile chemical leaders to help textile brands, retailers and manufacturers to make the best choices for more sustainable processing of textiles.

Introduced in 2012 after more than two years of development, ONE WAY was designed to demonstrate it is possible to bring together the dual objectives of ecology and economy. The tool provides a fast, measurable and reliable approach to selecting chemical product and resource-saving process solutions.

ONE WAY received industry recognition with the 2013 ICIS Best Business Innovation Award. And it is constantly being improved. In 2014, Archroma added its portfolio of ZDHC MRSL-compliant chemicals and dyes to the ONE WAY tool.

bluesign® blueXpert, meanwhile, marks a distinct evolution for ONE WAY in terms of what information is delivered.: bluesign has enhanced and brought online blueXpert, thus making it available to the textile supply chain anytime anywhere; blueXpert combines for the first time the input stream management of the bluesign® bluefinder and resource optimization through “Best Available Technology” process selection from the leading chemical industry companies; blueXpert operates within the high-security IT environment of bluesign technologies, as it is hosted in the firm’s state-of-the-art data centre in Switzerland; blueXpert also includes proprietary algorithms specific to bluesign criteria, such as the air emission factor; this tool is exclusively available to bluesign partners only.

“Archroma was the first to introduce a tool that would help their textile customers make the best choices in favour of resource optimization and, whilst ONE WAY* obviously focuses on Archroma’s products and processes, we considered the approach with strong interest,” said Peter Waeber, CEO of bluesign technologies.

Paul Cowell, Head of Brand Marketing for Textile Specialties at Archroma, added: “We are very proud that our groundwork with ONE WAY* helped bluesign bring its revolutionary bluesign® blueXpert tool to support those brands and players who want to lead the way to a more sustainable textile and fashion industry.”

bluesign® is a registered trademark of bluesign technologies ag.




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