Laurel’s Debut in Mainland China

Laurel’s Debut in Mainland China

On October 14, 2015 Shenzhen maintained an appropriate temperature to reflect such a good season, and it was also made impressively special and refreshed by Laurel’s debut in China (a high-end European brand for woman’s clothing). The first Fashion Show of Laurel in mainland China has stunningly impressed the consumers, and its debut oriented to Chinese market has achieved a full success

Laurel’s 2016 Spring & Summer Series of fashion designs will proceed from the theme of “The time of Art”, and Art can present us with an opportunity to see sunshine through busyness and fatigue as well as greatness through ordinariness in daily urban life. Influenced by the deep-rooted metropolitan culture, Laurel’s Fashion Show, as inspired by classic straight line elements, has created a smooth and peaceful visual effect.

The art tracery wall is created by Laurel using its unique purple tracery technology, and the outdoor scenery of “The Sea Melted into The Sky” has extended the white display platform as the best backdrop. However, its continuous image and Laurel’s concise artistic temperament may complement each other. At the centre of the double square stage with modern dynamic lights, the Russlan and Ludmilla-Overture is performed by Shenzhen Philharmonic Orchestra with their appearance before all the audients at the centre of the T stage. Who would have expected that the modern fashion show could be so harmonious with the solemn and classical symphony, inspiring beatiful yet striking sparks. In addition, the first row of seats are all worthily occupied by many distinguished guests such as Mr. Dirk Reichert, CEO of Laurel GMBH, Mr. Jean Paul Knott, Ellassay’s Design Consultant, and Mr. Edoardo Cesaro, famous architect from Italy. Finally, the designers and the models Anna G, Zhang Shuyang, Zeng Lingling and other models bring the event to the end with the melodious music of  Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67.

Like the Nature, history, fine art, music and other eternal themes, Architecture can not only enlighten people’s sense of aesthetics, but also inspire their creativity. Laurel’s design team has integrated their ardent love for architecture into fashion design, developing new series of fashion featured by sense of space and sense of structure. Silhouetted structure is an important factor to stimulate our creativity, and special attention has paid to finish the shoulder’s modeling and the drop point along the waist line. You can even clearly imagine the character of any woman wearing our clothing — confident and independent, they are gently walking through streets and offices. Laurel’s original intention lies in the hope for strengthening modern elite woman’s flexibility without adding redundant decoration and complicated emotions. In other words, they will always remember what they originally pursue. 

2016 Spring & Summer Series jointly completed by Chinese and Germany teams has not only maintained Germany rigorous attitude towards design techniques, but added many agile and elegant Chinese elements. It has actually achieved a rare balance. For Laurel’s New Spring & Summer Series, you will understand German’s demanding attitude towards details, and experience the cuttings much more suitable for Asians. By virtue of our joint efforts, we believe that this series will refresh every urban woman in pursuit of fashion and elegance.

Laurel has created a female image characterized by independence, grace, exquisiteness and a little bit of sense of distance. Such sense of distance derives from their achievement in profession, and their good tastes are always “appealing”.  Modern feminism is to own a tough heart while reserving gentle and merciful emotions with deep understanding towards the law of balance in daily life. In fact, they can measure their own style and attitudes towards exquisiteness.

For this season, Laurel still continues its urban modern style as before, and adds 90s neutral style into their practical design, presenting new modern women with much more sense of power. Striped skirts and long dresses with simple cuttings have fully expressed the mightiness of modern women. Silhouetted shirt dress made from basic materials can also successfully express Laurel’s sense of modern city with a little bit of relaxing, refreshing and unconventional features. By making full use of folds flexibly, white-collar women can wear much more formal suits while maintaining much more nifty details.

Laurel60 sets of new Spring & Summer series of products will set an example for 2016’s fashion trend, suitable for urban elite women. Graceful design in collection with light and pure material texture will not only guarantee the comfort level, but also highlight the femininity. In fact, various colours available only for Spring and Summer including pearl pink, mint green and lavender purple etc. will completely display woman’s gentleness. Agile and neat black & white colours of eternal features can help working women maintain their capability and sensitiveness; printing design by simulating architectural texture is added to brighten the depressing and dull life; stripes in different sizes and black & white colours will create a sense of visual difference, relieving the oneness in visual effect; asymmetrical lower hem and drape have created a natural style which can make you conspicuous and impressively outstanding in the crowd.

Although fashion changes rapidly like the tide and wave, classic style is always steady as a rock. Although Laurel has won a good reputation and a great number of consumers in Europe, it is still new and strange for Chinese consumers. However, its elite attitude, elegant aesthetics and high-end quality sharing with us will add new and encouraging energy and vitality into Chinese woman’s blood.

In 1978, Laurel was established in Munich, Germany. In 1995, Elisabeth Schwaiger began to take up the post of Design Director, developing its own unique brand image.

Laurel has creatively integrated woman’s confidence into fashion in daily life and on some special occasions. Special cuttings to highlight body curve, exquisite detail design and vivid color application are all applied to manifest a woman’s love for life, and will make them rise above the common herd with outstanding personality.

Laurel originates from modern elite woman’s independence, confidence and charm. The bold and simple modernism style, together with the concise designing language, explains the new feminist stance in a new world. With a warm female perception, it salutes to the “women’s power” of the pre-eminent Top Ladies. Laurel’s Design Director Elisabeth Schwaiger said: “Our women are mature and visible in this world of reality, but they’re special due to their feminine personality. They are Top Ladies in modern society that will widely spread positive energy.”

Laurel ladies with their outstanding appearance, extraordinary charm and straightforward personality have developed their own understanding of modern fashion without compromising their feminine charms. They love urban life and enjoy the delight on a whim; they’re impressively confident, but will never make you feel the sense of distance. In addition, they’ve developed their own unique style and attitude in facing the whole world.

Laurel series of woman’s dress is now being exported to over 30 countries including more than 1000 business sites all over the globe. “See.Feel.Love” is this brand’s slogan to express Laurel’s ardent love for fashion. From appreciating Laurel’s extraordinary creativity to feeling Laurel’s gentleness and softness, any woman cannot help loving this brand.

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