Joint Christmas quality campaign by two Swiss textile enterprises

Joint Christmas quality campaign by two Swiss textile enterprises

Metzler Switzerland and Rohner Socks, two Swiss textile enterprises are jointly responsible for nearly 200 years of company history. They launch a Christmas campaign with a gift box with shirt and matching socks. The exclusive gift boxes will be available in trade retail shops as of mid-November 2015. The joint campaign of the two companies headquartered in Balgach (CH) should sharpen the knowledge of Swiss quality with consumers

Metzler-Rohner-gift-box-variantsAs successful niche players of the Swiss textile industry, the two companies Metzler Switzerland and Rohner socks are launching the joint campaign with the gift box with shirt and matching socks. The gift boxes are available in three choices: White shirt with blue and black socks; black shirt with yellow and black socks, and blue shirt with grey and black socks. All available in trade retail shops as of mid-November. The noble gift boxes represent a Christmas gift of high value and in style. The shirts are of non-iron quality and offer high wear and cleaning comfort. Subtle accents and in colours matching the socks make the product a unique specimen. With the sourced raw materials from Swiss and European manufacturers, and the production of the end product Metzler Switzerland is underlining the quality aspects. The socks are of merino wool and knitted with special conic tube to avoid cut-ins and rolling (slips). Heels and ball sector are reinforced, and thus resistant to hard use. Also the bound off sock tip eliminates the formation of bruising. Jakob Rohner AG is sourcing the yarn from Germany and the production takes place in Portugal.

As we recall, the Swiss textile industry is pressed to stay competitive. With this joint Christmas campaign the two companies aim to remember the knowledge of consumers in view to Swiss quality products, states Heidi Masteroberardino-Metzler, managing the family enterprise Metzler in the third generation.

Metzler Switzerland is a successful producer of shirts, blouses and polo-shirts in the St.Gall Rhine Valley (CH). Besides shirts for private use Metzler is also a specialist for corporate and folklore shirts, among customers are enterprises, institutions and associations are clothing their collaborators and members with Metzler shirts entailing a logo or a lettering. To such items there are also existing blouses for ladies, neckties and foulards. Since 1911 customers appreciate the know-how, quality and services of the company. The company is specialised on prototypes, small series, specialties (priests and folklore shirts). Before a product is introduced on the market, a collection of the items is produced in an atelier where around 500 prototypes are manufactured annually. Also manufactured are thousands of shirts annually on the same site. Bi-textile shirts are an innovation of intelligent textiles as polo-shirts, where the inside is made of skin friendly cotton and the outside is made of polyester, offering colour fastness and shiny surface. Such shirts are offering to the wearer comfort and less sweating. The company is managed in third generation by Heidi and Tino Mastroberardino-Metzler continuing the tradition of their ancestors building on a creative family and innovative niche products. With the twins Alessia and Sandro Mastroberardino the fourth generation is already involved.

Jacob Rohner dates back to 1930 when Jacob Rohner founded in Balgach (CH) a sock manufacture in the Rhine Valley already famous for its textile manufacturing. With newly invented circular knit machines the company produced high quality hosiery and socks. The yarns derived from Swiss spinners at that time. Soon the brand Rohner Socks was the synonym for highest quality and comfort. Today the company honours its past with continuous innovations, each work phase and each idea is continuously evaluated to fulfil the aim of highest wearing comfort, highest quality and best fit. Rohner socks are companions in day-to-day activities, on traveling and expeditions. Socks are printing one’s footprint anew and thus the company is convinced to offer customers daily nice surprises and super wear comfort.

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