Swedish Boop bets on Q-NOVA® by Italian Fulgar

Swedish Boop bets on Q-NOVA® by Italian Fulgar

The leading Swedish brand in maternity and nursing wear, Boob® is well-known for its ongoing commitment to issues linked to sustainability. One way they demonstrate this is by caring for mums, the babies of the new generation and the environment they will inherit.

After all, who better than a mum to safeguard the well-being of future generations? That’s why since 2008 Boob® has increased its use of eco-sustainable fibres from 20% toBoop 13-10-_2015_11-41-38 80%, and is choosing to make some of its iconic garments with Q-Nova® by Fulgar, the innovative Made in Italy fibre in Nylon 6.6 produced with 99% recycled raw materials and developed entirely by Fulgar using a ground-breaking, eco-sustainable process.

So Fulgar’s green consciousness is the ideal complement for the mission Boob® is so deeply committed to. The commitment to sustainability of Fulgar, the leading producer of fibres with a high hi-tech content, is, in fact, a key element of its corporate strategy and it’s well expressed by the concept “A better way to the Future”. Its motto sums up the brand’s corporate consciousness and its support for the eco-system conservation and improvement.

Offering total respect for the environment, Q-Nova® by Fulgar is also a particularly versatile, high performance fibre. From technical sports apparel to maternity and nursing wear, Q-Nova® by Fulgar is the ideal ingredient to enhance every fabric type with its extreme softness, comfort and stretch qualities.

And because they make use of quality, cutting-edge fabrics, Boob® garments adapt perfectly to women’s bodies, responding to every need. Take, for example, the original Fast Food T-shirt Bra and Fast Food Padded Singlet: a bra and a singlet with removable pads that allow mums to nurse in a simple, practical way. A full collection with double function for maternity and nursing – with leggings, tights and chemises – to let women be at their ease in every situation. Boob® will donate 10% of sales for the month of October to support the Swedish Breast Cancer Association (BRO).

Boob® is a Swedish company born in 2000 from an idea of Mia Seipel. It offers a wide collection of clothes and underwear with double function for maternity and nursing. Their entire production is based in Europe. 80% of all the materials used in the collection are sustainable materials (measured in weight of total production 2014). All clothes are also certifiedaccording to OEKO-TEX® 100. A guarantee that the clothes are tested for harmful chemicals. Clothesyou can feel safe to wear next to your skin and baby. The attention for the environment and product care are summed up by the pay- off “We make clothes for the future”. Thanks to its high quality and safety standards, Boob has obtained several prizes: Excellent SwedishDesign (2001), GWIIN (2003), Entrepreneur of the year (2007), Parent Tested Parent Approved (2010), Bizziebaby Silver Award (2012), Bizziebaby Gold Award (2012), Red Tricycle’s 2012 Totally Awesome Award (2012), Parent Tested Parent Approved (2013), Bizziebaby Bronze Award (2013), Red Tricycle’s (2013), Totally Awesome Award (2013), Prima Baby Awards (2014).

Fulgar is the international leader in the synthetic fibre market, producing and distributing 6.6 polyamides and covered elastomers in the textile and technical sectors. Founded in the late 1970s at Castel Goffredo (Mantova), in Italy’s hosiery region, Fulgar carved out a presence on the world scene as sector leader, opening new facilities and structures that supported its global approach. Over the past three years the company’s investment in R&D has seen constant growth. Its success is also the result of a strong commitment to environmental themes, embodied by projects and initiatives involving the entire production process. Fulgar is present in every textile sector, from hosiery to circular knits, corsetry, swimwear and sportswear, offering excellent products that stand out for their outstanding quality and uniqueness, with ever forgetting Made in Italy textile traditions. Their design, development and product structure, emphasising presentation in use and the comfort required by consumers, results in the creation of a highly versatile offer. Fulgar is the exclusive INVISTA® distributor in Europe and Turkey for the Lycra® Fibre, Lycra T400® and Elaspan® brands. In 2012 Fulgar entered into a partnership with the Rhodia-Solvay group to become exclusive distributor for Emana® fibre, mainly in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.



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