What has epee fencing to do with protection wear?

What has epee fencing to do with protection wear?

What have epee fencers to do with protection clothing? Little? No, much! Storytelling can be made fast: in only one minute and 38 seconds by Stephan, an epee fencing trainer in a film. He wants as of now only to wear abrasive cutting protection clothing made by boco

A sight into the sport hall:  Members of the association of the epee fencing trainer of Stephan are in despair, their traditional clothing is tearing off all the time. One day, Olli, he is a professional welder, appears in his professional work clothing.  He looks impressive, mobile and flexible in each jump and side step. His outfit is never letting him down. In conclusion a protection gear that holds up to its promises.

The short new film illustrates the competence of the brand boco in the sector of personal protection gears, declares Werner Münnich, PSA Expert at CWS-boco Germany. He adds “in addition the spot proves how much mobility our welder’s protection clothing proFlex 4® is offering to its wearer. The concept for the spot and its transformation lays in the hands of the agency Blickkraft (ex vidilo) in Hamburg, Germany, and directed by Christian Striboll. The film was narrated on two days at the Eimsbüttler Turnverband in Hamburg. The film is distributed via Youtube and Facebook, and by free tickets.

CWS-boco is with its brand boco one of the leading supplier of work clothing by leasing. The company offers to its customers the clothing, cleans it and checks it on a regular basis, inclusive pick-up and delivery service. The leasing ensures that the safety functions of the clothes, including protection clothing is intact, even after various laundry processes. After each professional preparation special instructed personnel is inspecting the textiles. In such manner collaborators are protected and at the same time clothed comfortably.

CWS-boco Germany GmbH is a leading supplier of textile services and professional laundry hygiene solutions from one source, such as the renowned CWS towel, soap and perfume dispenser, innovative dirt absorbent floor coverings, as well as industrial laundering of professional and business wear, customer oriented Corporate Fashion Collections and protection and security wear from boco. All of these are offered in a flexible hiring service model.

CWS-boco Germany is one of 19 country companies of CWS-boco Group, a 100 percent holding of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, Germany. The company has around 3500 collaborators of more than 50 nationalities and around 45 apprentices. With full services CWS-boco Group’s 2014 turnover amounted to EUR 751 million.

The film can be viewed (in German only) by clicking on the first link below.



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