US apparel imports increased markedly in August 2015

US apparel imports increased markedly in August 2015

The volume of US apparel imports from all countries grew 13.5 % year-on-year in August, up from the 7.1 % increase in July. Cambodia led the pack, posting a solid double-digit gain, with strong increases also recorded by China, Bangladesh and Vietnam

Shipments from China – the largest supplier of apparel to the US – were up 19.5 %. Nearest rival Vietnam grew 18.8 % compared to the same month a year ago. Bangladesh saw apparel shipments rise 10.35 %. Of the remaining supplier countries, Cambodia recorded the strongest growth at 36.1 %, followed by Honduras (up 7.6 %) and India (up 6.1 %).

Three countries saw apparel shipments decline during August. Pakistan recorded the largest drop, followed by Indonesia and Mexico. US apparel and textile imports increased 9.5 % between January and August. Within this, textiles grew 11.4 % while apparel shipments were up 7.05 %.

Bangladesh’s clothing industry continues to build on its momentum as a low-cost sourcing destination. Vietnam has benefited as producers and buyers diversify their supply chains. China remains a compelling source for apparel buyers as rising prices are largely being offset by productivity gains.

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