SOLS is leading the way by connecting the digital 3D printing and physical worlds

SOLS is leading the way by connecting the digital 3D printing and physical worlds

SOLS(TM), a lifestyle brand pioneering mass customisation through the creation of bespoke wearables is re-invigorating movement. SOLS(TM) introduces SOLS Flex(TM), the first 3D-printed custom insoles available directly to consumers

Sols 2 273953SOLS Flex features include: arch support, cushioning, increased comfort, and relief from foot, ankle and back pain – all of which lead to better overall posture, more effective training and pain-free living. As one of the first applications of 3D printing in the consumer space, SOLS is bridging the gap between elevated comfort and superior design to deliver a luxurious and truly comfortable, textured product uniquely created for the contours of each individual’s foot — all with the convenience of ordering through an easy-to-use app.

From sneakers and boots to the slimmest of shoe profiles, SOLS Flex are exclusively designed to achieve the perfect fit — to shoe, to the person and to the person’s lifestyle. Because wearers are able to slip the thin insoles into their shoes of choice, they have the ability to keep their fashionable shoes while simultaneously aligning the foot for a pain-free step — and without missing a step in staying stylish and modern in their appearances.

Also helping wearers to stay stylish are the cutting-edge materials that make up SOLS Flex. Modern luxury is the same thing as modern technology and SOLS aims at converging the two to create a truly forward-thinking product. That’s why it is the combination of advanced 3D materials (Nylon 11, a NASA-grade plastic), with expert biomechanical knowledge in a fully digital ordering platform (the SOLS app) that merge to create a dynamic custom insole that is a lush and comfortable experience. SOLS Flex have a universal appeal to consumers whether they want to take a preventative approach, corrective approach, power through an intense work-out or simply live pain free.

“We’re on a mission to redesign movement and change the way people approach the taboo topic of foot health because every step should be supported and comfortable,” said Kegan Schouwenburg, CEO and Founder of SOLS. “Today we’re making insoles, but who knows what the future will bring. We’re on a path to lead the industry in mass bespoke fashion – footwear and beyond.”

Sols 3 273954Consumers can easily purchase the SOLS Flex through the SOLS app. After downloading the app, users are guided through the simple fitting process. It requires three photos of each foot in weight and non-weight bearing stances. From those images, more than 1000 data points generate a 3D model of the insole that reflects the individual’s unique foot morphology. The insoles are then 3D-printed and finished with various topcoats — closing the digital loop to create a physical product that is completely unique and shipped within ten business days. SOLS Flex are made in America from start to finish.

“In contrast with traditional orthotics, SOLS Flex are a designed and innovative choice that provide added support for intense workouts, or a day at the office,” said Terdema Ussery, SOLS board member and president of global sports at Under Armour. “The added comfort and cushioning that SOLS Flex provide to the entire body, solidifies their place as a luxury lifestyle product that is manufactured beautifully, while providing a superior function.”

SOLS is supporting its consumer launch through an inaugural partnership with IRONMAN®. As an official partner of the 2015 IRONMAN® World Championship presented by GoPro, held October 10th in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, SOLS hopes to provide a truly custom solution to this group of ambitious athletes. SOLS Flex are an ideal solution to help aid in recovery — in both speed and comfort. Meanwhile, the supportive heel cup is preventative in nature by providing extra cushion and a 70 % energy return with every step, helping athletes to train even more effectively. After such an intense competition, many IRONMAN athletes can benefit from the added cushion support, which makes this an aligned partnership for SOLS. This is the first of touchpoint of a larger 2016 partnership between the two brands.

SOLS Flex are available in leather, neoprene and wool as well as various custom colour options, including black and sea foam green, and are priced at USD 199. To purchase, download the SOLS app in the App Store.

Founded in 2013, SOLS is a premium lifestyle brand pioneering mass bespoke fashion and re-invigorating movement via 3D printing technology. SOLS Flex is the consumer product while SOLS Rx, is the corrective orthotic devices currently available at more than 650 podiatrists across the country. SOLS is headquartered and produced exclusively in New York City (USA) and all products are made in the USA.

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