ITF Dubai 2015 to Create a Textile & Fashion Dream House

ITF Dubai 2015 to Create a Textile & Fashion Dream House

National award winning textile exhibitors, global fashion authorities, revered academic institutions, exclusive keynote speakers, and the world’s leading corpus on sustainable fashion – assembled under one roof, can only signify one thing: ITF International Textile Fair (October 11-12,2015) the premier textile fair.ITF Dubai

In its pursuit of ‘Achieving Textile Versatility’ ITF serves as a crossroad where the global textile industry congregates, giving the look and feel of an organised consortium.  Staying true to its aim, the fair hosts varied types of exhibitors from across the world; be it a premium silk company from Italy, a nascent kid’s garment corporation from Peru, an international textile bureau from India, or the world’s leading corpus on sustainable fashion based in London.

ITF is a notable platform for fashion enthusiasts, with leading fashion institutions displaying their Summer 2016 collection. The fair has now taken a step further, supporting the cause of sustainable fashion. Leading keynote speakers will be in attendance at ITF, speaking about the importance of “looking good, without costing the Earth” and the importance of sustainable fashion in today’s day and age. Giving an impetus to the concept of “modest fashion” will be Ms. Alia Khan, founder and chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion & Design Council.  

Not only will IFDC be conducting their own workshops, tutorials and panel discussions at the event, they are meant to have an entire section dedicated strictly to Modest Fashion. ITF Dubai and Islamic Fashion Design Council have confirmed the presence of labels such as Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren, YSL, Prada, Moschino and many more. With the crème de la crème of the fashion world being a part of their exhibition, one gets assured that every “who’s who” of the fashion and textile industry is destined to be there.

What truly establishes ITF’s ubiquitous identity is its gargantuan media presence, with media outlets across four continents covering the fair; and with the 2016 edition of the fair to be held in Mumbai, ITF is well on its way to becoming a global phenomenon.

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