Picanol makes the life easier for weavers with appropriate apps

Picanol makes the life easier for weavers with an appropriate app

Picanol Tex-Apps are destined for iOS, Android and Windows, thus the right instrument for the weaver. The Tex-App is an excellent tool for textile people with applications to make weavers’ lives easier.Picanol will be adding new tools up to ITMA Milano so that when the fair starts, there will be a complete textile toolbox at disposal

The Picanol Tex-App contains the following tools: Yarn Count converter (Converts different yarns to their equivalents in other counts); Remaining Warp Beam Length & Weight calculator; Fabric Length & Weight calculator; Cover Factor calculator, and newly the Yarn Diameter and Count calculator.

picanol app Remaining Warp Beam Length & Weight calculator-input-info_enThe Remaining Warp Beam Length & Weight calculator allows during the weaving process the necessity to know how many meters of fabric can still be woven with the yarn left on the warp beam. By entering some basic data such as yarn count, number of ends,Picanol app of Fabric Length & Weight calculator-2 tube and flange diameter etc. you can estimate the length and weight of the yarn still remaining on the beam. This tool makes weaver’s job a whole lot easier!

The Fabric Length & Weight calculator permits by simply entering some basic fabric data as well as the dimensions of the cloth roll, this calculator will give you an estimation of the fabric length on the roll as well as the weight of the roll.

The Cover Factor calculator allows the weaver to calculate the Cover Factor of most fabrics. All needed is to do is enter the basic fabric specification and choose the weaving pattern. The cover factor is a parameter that gives an indication of how dense or heavy a given fabric is. It also allows you to compare it with other fabrics and eventually decide whether it is possible to weave or not.

The Yarn Diameter and Count calculator makes it possible to get an idea of the yarn count based on the yarn diameter. Or conversely, to give an estimation of the yarn diameter based on the yarn count.



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