AATCC’s Colour Management Workshop

AATCC’s Colour Management Workshop

Colour plays a vital role in a consumer’s decision to purchase a particular product. In order to get the colour envisioned by the designer and demanded by the consumer, the communication of colour throughout the supply chain is imperative, especially in textiles items which contain many components

AATCC’s Colour Management Workshop on October 21-22, 2015 at the Association’s Technical Centre in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, will feature world-renowned colour experts. These experts will discuss colour principles and the effect of lighting; factors to consider when developing a colour palette and how these choices affect cost, fashion, durability, and dyeing reproducibility; how to implement a digital colour program with a supplier; managing colour on multiple textile substrates; how to control shade from concept to production; and much more.

This workshop is designed for merchandisers, retailers, manufacturers, product developers, colour approval managers, specifiers, and designers. Participants will have an opportunity to have their colour questions answered during the presentations and breakout sessions. Breakout sessions will focus on illumination and observer issues; sample analysis and measurement technique; creativity with trends and virtual development; what is colour matching; production evaluation and control, and how to do the right colour right.


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