BV SPORT chooses Q-NOVA® BY FULGAR for its NATURE3R collection

BV SPORT chooses Q-NOVA® BY FULGAR for its NATURE3R collection

A pioneer in medical research on venous return and specialist in the manufacture of technical sports apparel, BV SPORT has chosen the exclusive Q-Nova® fibre by Fulgar for its NATURE3R collection. The name itself reflects the company’s close emphasis on issues concerning nature and the environment. 

BV Sport_Nature3R pack 1With the aim of creating a high-end product and promoting sustainable development that will safeguard the interests of future generations, BV SPORT has turned to Fulgar, the leading producer of fibres with a high hi-tech content that embodies its green awareness. This commitment to sustainability is, in fact, a key element of Fulgar’s corporate strategy, well expressed by the concept “A better way to the Future”. Its motto sums up the brand’s corporate consciousness and its support for the eco-system conservation and improvement.

Actually BV SPORT has chosen Q-Nova® by Fulgar for its NATURE3R. This revolutionary Nylon 6.6 fibre is obtainedBV Sport_Nature3R_booxer 2 from 99% regenerated raw materials, combining respect for the environment with high standards of quality and performance. The result is an incredibly light fabric, exceptional comfortable and with outstanding sweat absorption properties. In this way Q-Nova® offers added value to the NATURE3R collection, specially designed to enhance muscular performance during sports activities.

How does NATURE3R work? During sports activities the muscles of the back, pelvis and thighs experience significant venous and biomechanical contraction. Made up of diverse knits and levels of compression located optimally over the main muscle groups, the special NATURE3R line enhances muscle tone, compensating for the great stress muscles are put under during physical effort, reducing vibration and optimising muscle yield. 

Created by Italian Fulgar’s research and development laboratory, Q-Nova® by Fulgar is the perfect embodiment of the BV SPORT philosophy, a blend of innovation and sustainability that ensures top-level performance and excellent freedom of movement. The light, comfy Q-Nova® fibre by Fulgar provides a targeted response to the requirements of the NATURE3R line, ideal for passionate fans of running, cycling and the triathlon.

A pioneer in medical research on venous return, since 1998 BV SPORT has been a reference point in the field of compression for professional and amateur sportspeople. Twenty years of cutting edge scientific research, a series of clinical studies appearing in the most prestigious international science publications, three patents for invention and twelve years of collaboration with technical staff and doctors from federations and profession and professional teams have enabled the company to offer product ranges that are suitable for all sports disciplines.

The entire range of BV SPORT’S compression products bears the CE mark, proof the apparel has been rigorously monitored and checked during production monitoring and production, in line with the strict criteria imposed by the sports physicians and textile engineers of the company’s research and development centre.

BV SPORT compression, specifically adapted to complement the sportsperson’s physiology, provides calculated compression that acts directly of the veins of the calf muscles. This enables waste products and toxins to be efficiently eliminated before, during and after effort, boosting muscle recovery and performance. BV SPORT technology equips over three hundred world and Olympic champions and over 10000 high level athletes in various disciplines, including basketball, rugby, handball, athletics, tennis, cycling, volleyball, ice hockey, skiing, biathlon, triathlon, parachuting, almost all teams in France’s football leagues one and two, the most important European teams and, since the beginning of 2005, endurance, trail and adventure racing multi-sports, marathon and ultramarathon. BV SPORT works in partnership with a number of federations, like the French Athletics and Cycling Federation.

Fulgar is the international leader in the synthetic fibre market, producing and distributing 6,6 polyamides and covered elastomers in the textile and technical sectors. Founded in the late 1970s at Castel Goffredo (Mantova), in Italy’s hosiery region, Fulgar carved out a presence on the world scene as sector leader, opening new facilities and structures that supported its global approach. Over the past three years the company’s investment in R&D has seen constant growth. Its success is also the result of a strong commitment to environmental themes, embodied by projects and initiatives involving the entire production process.

Fulgar is present in every textile sector, from hosiery to circular knits, corsetry, swimwear and sportswear, offering excellent products that stand out for their outstanding quality and uniqueness, with ever forgetting Made in Italy textile traditions. Their design, development and product structure, emphasising presentation in use and the comfort required by consumers, results in the creation of a highly versatile offer.

The company is the exclusive INVISTA®distributor in Europe and Turkey for the Lycra® Fibre, Lycra T400® and Elaspan® brands. In 2012 Fulgar entered into a partnership with the Rhodia-Solvay group to become exclusive distributor for Emana® fibre, mainly in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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