3D proofs presented by Dalim at LabelExpo in Brussels, Belgium

3D proofs presented by Dalim at LabelExpo in Brussels, Belgium

Dalim Software has shown at LabelExpo how its solutions can improve label and packaging production. Featured will be the new capability of DALIM ES to make annotations on 3D image files, helpful when the supply chain is reviewing labels on a 3D CAD drawing; Hyphen Still Life; and a presentation by the Flemish Innovation Centre for Graphic Communication

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In today’s product development environment, products—and the technologies they’re based on— change rapidly, as do the number of competitors. This means that finding ways to optimize time to market is a critical component that directly affects revenue. With DALIM ES 4.5 all activities—in-house or externally—are coordinated from design to final print, including regulatory compliance, localization and versioning to ensure efficiency.

A recent feature of ES 4.5 significant to labels is the ability to view 3D files—3D models of labels on cans, bottles or other packaging. With the next release of ES users will not only be able to open 3D files, but can leave annotations on them. They will also be able to conduct a visual compare between two 3D models to review the differences, just like as what is currently done with two-dimensional PDF files. This is certainly helpful for packaging production to inspecting boxes and other 3D packages. However, it also helps when dealing with computer generated images—for instance, marketing communication projects for completely new products, even before the first prototype is actually built. In industry, this happens often. For example, some furniture retailers and car manufacturers won’t conduct photo shoots often but, rather, generate images from the actual 3D files.

With tight deadlines and the geographic separation between business partners, traditional proofing methods might not be suitable to ensure an efficient collaboration process, making soft proofing an obvious alternative. Whether for reviewing and commenting on the content of any digital media, or a colour accurate soft proof, the fast and intuitive DIALOGUE Engine helps to streamline approval cycles and to meet deadlines quicker.

LabelExpo Europe 2015 also is an opportunity to see the latest releases of other Dalim Software solutions—in particular, its award-wining production automation engine TWIST 7.5. With its almost infinite variety of processing possibilities, it helps to implement cross-media workflows to deliver predictable files to different media channels.

On the booth, Dalim Software partner Hyphen-Italia will be demonstrating its Hyphen Still Life (HSL) solution, showing how it can create a 360-degree photo shoot and seamlessly connect—and import— the resulting images to the asset management function within DALIM ES. HSL is an innovative solution for the management of a product’s photographic process for e-commerce and multi-channel communications. It is comprised of a special photography set, a console, and an images processing and adaptation system, this can be linked to the ES asset management system. The HSL solution has the ability to fulfil the current needs of the communication and digital multi-channel sale environments, in a high-standard and efficient way.

CHILI Publisher, an online document editing solution, integrates seamlessly and transparently within DALIM ES. During LabelExpo, visitors were able to see how users can access files within DALIM ES and conduct online editing. CHILI Publisher provides powerful editing capabilities and comes with an extensive feature set that was previously only available in dedicated publishing applications. System integrators can choose how to incorporate CHILI Publisher within their DALIM ES workflows, whether for packaging, brand management, web-to-print, magazine publishing, yearbook applications, or other environments.

Also on the company’s booth was a presentation about packaging by the VIGC, the Flemish Innovation Centre for Graphic Communication. The organisation, the knowledge centre for the graphic arts industry, research and review new technologies and new industry evolutions in the market space. They also assist companies that are looking for a higher degree of efficiency‑—for innovation in processes and products. The presentation, was held on September 30,2015 and covered several packaging-related subjects.

One topic encompassed PDF files: PDF has gone through a strong evolution. New features have been added, and new standards have emerged. Which PDF standard is best for each person? For which applications can all these different PDF formats be used? The VIGC PDF(/X-4) seminar provided all the information anyone needs.

The other topic covered food packaging: Food package printing is a challenge. Use of proper materials and appropriate manufacturing processes are necessary to produce regulatory food-safe printed packaging. The ‘good manufacturing practice’ regulation (Regulation EC 2023/2006) states that there is no contact or migration of the printed side to the food contact side. In order to minimise these contact or migration risks, techniques to reduce the inking levels are explained.

“Dalim Software solutions have been successful throughout the label and packaging supply chain, from the need of the brand owner to control the process, to designers who needDalim Touch 28-09-_2015_18-58-45 assistance with the creation of packaging as well as an easy means to collaborate with the supply chain, and printers and converters, who need production workflow and project management tools,” explains Carol Werlé, Dalim Software. “We look forward to showing the label community how our company has made to production much more efficient and cost-effective for companies.”

Dalim Software GmbH, headquartered in Kehl, Germany, offers highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, focusing on globally operating companies in the media and communication industry.

Since 1985, the world’s most prominent publishers, publication printers, agencies and brand owners can be found among the company’s customers, as well as a variety of quality- and service-oriented pre-media companies and printers of all sizes. They all utilise Dalim Software innovative technologies to the fullest extent.

Dalim Softwear produces the exceptionally productive, modular software engines TWIST, DIALOGUE Engine and ES, which offer specialized collaborative solutions for media content. Its fully customizable interfaces allow users to integrate into customer facing applications and seamlessly connect to business processes.


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