Mimaki launches UJF-7151 plus for high industrial quality

Mimaki launches UJF-7151 plus for high industrial quality

To keep at pace with its market innovation commitment to developing solutions that deliver high cost-effective quality print solutions Mimaki is proud to announce the brand new direct to shape UJF-7151 plus – the industrial small format UV Inkjet flatbed printer

Ensuring high quality printing and top level productivity with ultra-accurate ink droplet placement, the UJF-7151 plus has a maximum printable size of 710 x 510 mm (28 x 20in). The bestMIMaki_pr15021_UJF-7151plus digital on-demand industrial small format printing solution for the screen printing industry improves accuracy, consistency and reliability by modifying the mechanical structure of the print table. Fine lines, edges, and small texts are displayed crystal clear. The solution also enables double-layer printing and colour printing on a white base layer.

The daily operation is enhanced by the patented MFD1 dithering technology that processes image data along with retaining the original image quality and the highly improved quality control MAPS4 that reduces banding and uneven colour printing. Uninterrupted printing and reduced waste is aided by new print heads that incorporate a continuous ink circulation system to help prevent ink sedimentation and clogged nozzles and a nozzle check unit (NCU) that automatically detects and cleans the clogged nozzles.

“Mimaki has always been a leader in the development of inkjet printers,” states Mike Horsten, General Manager Marketing EMEA at Mimaki Europe. “Recently, there has been growing demand for digital, on-demand, and plateless inkjet printing because of its ability to quickly provide high-mix and low-volume printing. The high performance UV inkjet printer UJF-7151 plus enables high-precision ink dot placement and beautiful printing through Mimaki’s proprietary technology and at top-level productivity. The market is growing – we’re keeping our finger on the pulse to deliver the solutions it needs.”

Key features include: Mechanical structure for high-precision printing; Superior print-image quality control technology; Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4) that reduces banding and uneven colour printing with blurred boundaries; Mimaki Fine Diffusion 1 (MFD1) that reduces noise due to dithering through hybrid processing of patterns; Maximum 3.3 m2/h productivity delivered via six staggered print heads increases the printing speed and achieves top-level productivity; Uninterrupted printing as a result of high-stability printing through an ink-circulating mechanism within the head. NCU that automatically detects and recovers clogged nuzzles by cleaning them, thus reducing waste. Reliable operating support package (NRS) that ensures maximum uptime.

The Mimaki UJF-7151 plus industrial small format flatbed inkjet printer will be available from November 2015. The solution will be on display at following upcoming shows: Viscom Italia, Viscom Düsseldorf and Inprint 2015.


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