Edana launches the “Nonwoven Learing Cycle” training courses

Edana launches the “Nonwoven Learing Cycle” training courses

Edana, the leading global association serving the nonwovens and related industries announced on September 24, 2015, a renewal of its world-famous training course programme with its “Nonwovens Learning Cycle™”, an integrated training and development programme from the basics to guided developmentTLNC_edana+ceti

Following a review to better meet both company and individual demands for education and knowledge, Edana has partnered with CETI to deliver courses across four stages.

Each stage of training or support has been developed to deliver specific education to the individual, in a manner that can easily be taken back to their company, and used immediately in their role within their business.

Nonwovens Introduction

Provides an introduction to the world of nonwovens, with a virtual classroom experience covering manufacturing technologies, materials and applications.

Intermediate Course

Covers in-depth information over three days, including the full range of manufacturing technologies and raw materials. The course is illustrated by a tour of the CETI facilities, showing nearly all manufacturing technologies.

Advanced Courses

Presents additional information to those participants who have attended the Intermediate

Course, with a focus on understanding the various production parameters in nonwovens manufacturing and how they can be used to modify product properties.

Guided Development

Focuses on innovation and product development covering the full product development cycle. Participants will work with a software package supporting the innovation process, and are encouraged to bring their own questions and challenges for response.

“Our member companies and the broader nonwovens and related industries tell us that they consider education to be a journey, rather than a destination” said Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA. “To support their training and development needs, we have overhauled our training programme, while maintaining those elements that have proved most popular with both new entrants to the industry, and those longer-serving professionals, that are looking for additional support or interaction.”

Edana will continue to provide its popular Absorbent Hygiene Products and Filtration training courses, which offer the fundamental technology and applications for these product categories.

Opportunities are offered for advanced training, meeting the need of professionals and companies who are established in the industry, or who have previously undertaken training courses, and wish to continue their educational journey. To further support the specific needs of companies and individual professionals, there will be dedicated courses on carded, spunlaid and meltblown nonwoven technologies.

The ‘Nonwovens Learning Cycle™’ includes an opportunity for guided development, with a personal approach to the development of a specific technology or product, guided by an external technical expert. The advanced courses and guided development capitalize on CETI’s pilot lines, which offer the most complete and versatile combinations of nonwoven web-making and webbonding in the world.

Details of the new educational opportunities together with the 2015-2016 calendar of dates are available from the first link below.



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