100 % recyclable functional fabrics from recycled textile fibres

100 % recyclable functional fabrics from recycled textile fibres

The new Inspire product range from schoeller®-works stands for fabrics that are 100% recyclable. Together with the Netherlands-based company DutchSpirit, Schoeller develops a completely sustainable concept for the workwear segment

Nature and ecology are keystones in the approach of Schoeller Textil AG, which has been developing and producing amidst the Swiss mountains for many years in compliance with the standards of the bluesign® systems. DutchSpirit is a company dedicated to sustainable clothing, which it also produces.schoeller inspire_neon

The Inspire project, a collaboration between the two like-minded companies, showcases new, highquality textiles for workwear that are manufactured on the most modern production equipment with textile fibres made from used garments. At the end of their service life, these fabrics can be fully recycled again.

The highest level of clothing comfort played a central role in the development of Inspire. The comfortable Inspire textiles consist entirely of special polyester fibres with a look and feel that is highly reminiscent of cotton. Thanks to the homogenous composition, these fabrics can be recycled completely, in contrast to conventional fabrics which are made primarily of polyester and cotton. As a result of the exclusive use of polyester fibres, Inspire textiles are considerably more durable contributing to the preservation of resources. Furthermore, these fabrics can be manufactured with significantly lower levels of water, land and energy consumption.

The workwear qualities can feature additional functions from Schoeller technologies, such as 3XDRY®. With the feel-good 3XDRY® finish, the exterior of the fabric is water repelling. The interior, on the other hand, absorbs moisture and transports it rapidly to the outside, resulting in an optimum body climate. Additionally it displays a pleasantly cooling effect in response to perspiration. Another available Schoeller technology is the new, fluorocarbon-free ecorepel® finish, which makes a convincing impact with reliable, ecological water and dirt repelling properties.

The Inspire textiles are available in various weight classes and either as plain weave or in a twill version. A supple soft-shell double fabric is also on offer. It is breathable and hard-wearing as well as water and dirt repelling. In addition to classic yellow, blue and grey shades, Inspire is also available in EN ISO 20471 certified high-visibility colours. In the MVO Nederland project, a network organisation for sustainable companies, Inspire emerged with the grade “Best-in-Class“.



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