Italian Marzoli offers also remote maintenance services

Italian Marzoli offers also remote maintenance services Marzoli maintanance support  21-09-_2015_17-23-08

Marzoli is proud of its leading edge Remote Maintenance solution that will be presented at upcoming ITMA 2015 in Milano

Marzoli Remote Maintenance (MRM) solution draws on the diagnostic capabilities and sensors controlling mission critical sections and components of the machines in order to identify possible technical malfunctions at an early stage and prevent eventual machine failures with direct and constant support of Marzoli customer support team. Thus  Marzoli Remote Maintenance support customers to constantly operate their machines in standard-target operating conditions, thus maximizing overall effectiveness of plant operations and enabling key economic benefits:  maximized up-time and productivity; maximized machines efficiency and energy saving through constant and preventive control of machines mission critical components (e.g. mechanics, electronics, motors, drive systems, …); maximum effectiveness of problem solving and resolution times for customer maintenance and technical operations; maximized life-time of the investment.

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