X-Rite Colour Management Solutions at Graph Expo 2015

X-Rite Colour Management Solutions at Graph Expo 2015

X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in colour science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, announced that its best-of-breed colour management solutions were showcased in both the ColourHQ and Rutherford Graphic Products booths at Graph Expo 2015 (September 12-16. 2015) at McCormick Place in Chicago. X-Rite dealer partners, respectively, have displayed a full range of end-to-end colour workflow solutions designed to fit the needs of prepress, printing and packaging companies of all sizes

“Recent X-Rite research indicates that brand owners still consider the inability to achieve consistent color across their print and packaging supply chains a significant business issue,” says Chris Winczewski, Vice President of Product Marketing, X-Rite. “We’re dedicated to helping customers eliminate this concern. X-Rite’s dealer partners will feature the X-Rite solutions that printers are using to establish closed-loop colour control, dramatically reduce make-ready times, and help minimize ink and substrate waste. These latest X-Rite technologies help printers stay competitive, save on resources, and meet customer delivery schedules.”

X-Rite solutions being on display in the ColourHQ and Rutherford Graphics Products booths included: X-Rite eXact Scan, a 2015 recipient of the prestigious InterTech Award and the only handheld spectrophotometer on the market that can measure a true M1 Part One (as opposed to a simulation) and capture M0, M2 and M3 simultaneously for both spot and scan readings. X-Rite IntelliTrax, an automated colour management scanning solution offering press-side colour control and fast colour correction on press; an ideal solution for high-end, high speed printing operations. X-Rite i1 software and solutions including the new i1iSis 2 for automated printer profile creation, now supporting M1 measurement standards, and the i1Pro 2, the standard for colour profiling and calibration.

“ColourHQ experts have been available at the booth to educate Graph Expo visitors about the latest developments in the art and science of colour management. Attendees will see first-hand how they can leverage X-Rite products like IntelliTrax with MeasureColour software for fast colour correction to reduce make ready times,” says Bob Miller, President of ColourHQ.

“At the Rutherford Graphics Products booth, attendees witnessed the X-Rite eXact Scan’s easy-to-use scanning features couple with our ExactLoop system to make digitally-driven, closed-loop colour control an affordable reality for printers of all sizes and budgets,” says Jay Rutherford, President of Rutherford Graphic Products.

Founded in 1958, X-Rite, Incorporated is a global leader in colour science and technology. With its wholly owned subsidiary Pantone, X-Rite employs more than 800 people in 11 countries. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Grand Rapids, Mich., with regional headquarters in Europe and Asia and service centres across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. X-Rite Pantone offers a full range of colour management solutions used by manufacturers, retailers, printers, photographers and graphic design houses to achieve precise management and communication of colour throughout their processes. X-Rite Pantone products and services are recognised standards in the printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles and medical industries.

Pantone LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated, has been the world’s colour authority for nearly 50 years, providing design professionals with products and services for the colourful exploration and expression of creativity. Always a source for colour inspiration, Pantone also offers paint and designer-inspired products and services for consumers.



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