Marzoli with new FT60 and FT70 roving frames

Marzoli with new FT60 and FT70 roving frames

Marzoli’s FT60 and FT70 roving frames rely on multi-motor drive systems and modular design, allowing to reach up to 224 spindlesNew-Marzoli-roving-frames16-09-_2015_18-51-08

The completely electronic drafting system of Marzoli FT60 and FT70 series ensures the highest degree of flexibility: the draft can be changed by simply inserting the new draft parameter on the touch screen interface, no mechanical modification is required. Thanks to Marzoli’s end-to-end production management platform (YARNET), the draft can also be inserted remotely (e.g. from the production manager’s computer).

FT60 and FT70 roving frames are fully integrated with Marzoli Bobbin Transport systems and ring frames through specific mechanic solutions (e.g. dedicated creel system for transport trains) and software production control platform (YARNET), thus realizing a superior and fully integrated Spinning Section maximizing overall coordination and effectiveness of roving and spinning operations through a constant and regular supply for the spinning frames, allowing for full and enhanced productivity of the spindles.

Marzoli’s FT60 and FT70 roving frames represent outstanding machines also from the point of view of energy savings thanks to Marzoli most advanced on-board green technology.

The new roving frames will be presented at ITMA 2015 in Milan.

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