Austrian Lenzing celebrates half of a century of the production of Lenzing Modal

Austrian Lenzing celebrates half of a century of the production of Lenzing Modal

Lenzing is celebrating 50 years of the production and marketing of Lenzing Modal®. The fibre has become a quintessential part of the textile world and is used in an array of textile products

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At the beginning of the 1960s research scientists at Lenzing embarked on a quest to find a cellulose fibre similar to cotton but with a higher tenacity profile than Viscose. Research activities focused on the development of modal fibres. Lenzing research scientists perceived this fibre to be the ideal solution in terms of both textile processing and environmental aspects.

The fibre was first named “Hochmodul 333”, a name which remained until the 1970s. One of the very first uses for the fibre was in tapes to close potato bags. Intensive marketing measures to position the fibre in textile applications and Lenzing’s constant technological development subsequently led to the success of the Modal fibre category.

As of 1990 when Lenzing became the sole manufacturer of the Modal fibre, there has been no stopping the triumphal march of Lenzing Modal® due to the company’s perseverance. “For decades the company was the only fibre manufacturer to produce modal fibres. Lenzing demonstrated its innovative prowess and enormous economic stamina in the marketing and production of Lenzing Modal® thereby making a lasting impression on the textile world andLenzing 2 CEO16-09-_2015_17-30-46 enriching it to no end. One can no longer imagine a world without modal.

Lenzing and Lenzing Modal® deserve to be celebrated,” Lenzing CCO, Robert van de Kerkhof, is convinced.

The 1990s were the time for innovation. The very first MicroModal® was produced at Lenzing. Finally the dream of ever softer fibres was fulfilled. The industry put to use the finest cellulose fibre of the time to further improve textile products thereby creating a new quality standard. And the future?

In recent years Lenzing has showcased its innovative strength with the introduction of specialties like Lenzing Modal® COLOR, and MicroModal® AIR, the finest cellulose fibre, as well as with innovations in the manufacturing process. Above all, the investments in technology are what have made Lenzing Modal® one of the most sustainable fibres in the textile industry. It is made with beech wood, a regrown raw material, and during production up to 95 % of the chemicals used are recycled. Lenzing Modal® is CO2-neutral since the production process is integrated with cellulose recovery. “We are working on new specialisations and also aim to push the pace of other technological innovations,” van de Kerkhof comments.

Lenzing will kick off celebrations for Lenzing Modal® and MicroModal® with its customers on

November 18, 2015 in Lenzing., Austria. Further festivities with customers are planned for international textile tradeshows. “We want to celebrate with as many customers as possible since it was they who shared our faith in Lenzing Modal® and made the fibre a global success,” van de Kerkhof adds.

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