Itema Group heats up competition with Picanol

Itema Group heats up competition with Picanol

Italian Itema Group released the financial results and, at the same time is officially launching a brand-new terry weaving machine, the R9500terry, as well as by opening the doors of the new training centre, ItemaCampus

Interestingly enough, the date of the release coincides with the open day at competitor Picanol, but the release of Itema is earmarked with a dispatch of September 14, 2015 thus it is a clear competitive reaction to Picanol’s event. Textile-Future reported from Belgium on September 11, 2015.

In the first six months of the year, according to in-house information, Itema sold 17% more weaving machines compared to same period last year, increasing the Group turnover from Weaving Machines by 24 %, and the consolidated turnover, including Spare Parts, and other Company transactions, by 20 % year on year. Since 2012, the Company has continuously grown up, more than doubling the volumes of textile machines sold worldwide. “Nevertheless, we are not a “Volumes Company,” continues CEO Carlo Rogora. “We improved dramatically also all financial indicators, once again exceeding expectations with both EBITDA and EBT up more than 20% year on year, and seamless Cash Flow production, month after month. We produce Value for our Customers and for the Stakeholders – this is our commitment.”
Itema gives also an answer to the Picanol statement that the new machines, including the terry rapier format was developed in close cooperation with customers: itema also became faster than ever at churning out technological innovations.  The time-to-market of new Itema weaving machines has dropped significantly from more than 24 months for previous models to less than 12 months for the latest arrival, the R9500terry.  The new loom was presented in a series of events in July and September entitled “Weaving Terry Like Never Before” to a select panel of worldwide Customers.

The direct answer to Picanol’s presentation follows: “We wanted to host on our headquarter premises some of the most experienced and top-class Terry weavers and press representatives to enter in “physical contact” with our new specialised Textile Machine. Itema is recognized globally as the unrivalled leader in the manufacture of premier rapier Terry weaving machines. We have more than 35 years of experience in this application, and it is our strategic choice to specialize and concentrate on the rapier technology for Terry weaving. We always seek to provide our Customers with the best possible tools for them to stand out in terms of excellence and quality of their end products. It is not a “coincidence” that all the top companies weaving Terry towels around the globe are our Customers. As it is not surprising (even very pleasing) that Itema received already fixed orders for some 100 machines since the launch,” stated the Itema CEO.

TextileFuture was taking part at the event of Picanol in Belgium and therefore, we feel qualified to say that contrary to the statement of itema, not all of the top terry weavers weave on Italian machines!

On the occasion of the R9500terry launch, the company opened the doors of ItemaCampus, the new, next-generation training centre.  In Rogora’s words: “Our initial concept was to make our training centre more functional for our customers, we started with that in mind, but, driven by our desire to do things not only well, but always better, we ended up with a major and complete overhaul of our visitors’ facilities.  We are very proud to launch an open and modern space with a “campus” feel.  We want everyone visiting us to feel instantly welcome and leave our premises with a richer, more meaningful and comprehensive experience feeling and getting in touch with the “Itema Essence” whilst here.” 

The latter statement proves that Picanol was a lot earlier in launching its Technical Centre in Ieper, Belgium, and one might be inclined to think that in this case, Itema was a sheer follower!

Itema Group is trying to attract future customers also because of the fact that its headquarters are near to ITMA in Milan, probably suggesting a location advantage over its competitor in Belgium. However the market will decide on who will be favoured by customers, also in the terry sector, seriously. and outspoken!

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