A promising Algerian-Turkish integrated textile project is under way

A promising Algerian-Turkish integrated textile project is under way

Algerian-Turkish partnership agreement was signed on integrated textile complex project in south-western province, Relizane (300 km southwest of Algiers) on September 3, 2015. The Minister of Industry and Mining Abdeslam Bouchouareb chaired the signing ceremony

The agreement was signed by the CEO of the national public group of clothing industry CH, Mohamed Bouchama, and the CEO of the Turkish group, Taypa Mesut Toprak, specialising in textile.

The complex project estimated at an investment DZD (Algerian Dinar) 150 billion (USD 1.412 billion), to be launched next November, will include eight integrated plants to specialise in the manufacturing of material and hosiery items, a training school in textile trades, as well as a business centre, and various other facilities.

The project will be delivered in 36 months from its launch to meet the needs of national market. Of the total production, 40 % will go to the domestic market, while 60 % will be exported. The project is also expected to create 25000 jobs.


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