DYEWA is good news for dye houses and the environment – fabric dyeing newly invented

DYEWA is good news for dye houses and the environment – fabric dyeing newly invented


A new type of discontinuous dyeing machine for open width knit goods is able to reduce consumption of water, energy and chemicals by applying centrifugal dewatering.

The novelty product

Swiss Lab-Pro GmbH produced and tested in 2014 and 2015 the first centrifugal dyeing apparatus for open width knit fabric. The machine is able to bleach and dye (reactive) cotton knits with less than 20 liters of water per kg fabric. The consumption of energy and chemicals are also slashed by close to 40% compared to processes done on jet dyeing machines. Elastic open width knits and also blends with polyester, polyamide can be processed as well.

How can this be done? Each time before refilling the machine for rinsing the fabric, it is hydro-extracted so that big parts of coloured water inside the fabric is drained. As rinsing is a dilution process, less coloured water means less clean water to get the same result.

Further advantages are that the new process provides dyeing results similar to cold pad batch dyed fabric namely: No pilling and hairiness; No crease marks.

Comparing to cold pad batch, DYEWA is not limited to process cotton or viscose only. It is also able to process synthetic fibres and their blends because it is a high pressure apparatus. All process steps Bleaching-Dyeing-Washing-Dewatering is done in DYEWA, whereas cold pad batch dyed fabric requires processing on various different machines.

Some milestones of Lab-Pro

Now in the market for 12 years, Lab-Pro GmbH has become the expert company for fabric dyeing machines, having machines operating in more than 20 countries.

Lab-Pro GmbH, Switzerland introduced at ITMA Munich the FabricMaster Jet dyeing machine capable of dyeing crease sensitive fabric, open width at consumptions and quality levels never reached before.

Mainly in the business of Jet dyeing machines Lab-Pro GmbH, five years ago, extended their product range with JigMaster, presented at ITMA Barcelona 2011. JigMaster available as high temperature as well as atmospheric machine is still the only Jigger being able to save water and energy by applying the counter flow rinsing principle to discontinuous dyeing machines.

During these 12 years, Lab-Pro GmbH pushed the discontinuous dyeing machines to the limit by reducing liquor ratio of the machines and improve the rinsing processes. But there is a limit on these improvements, so that Lab-Pro GmbH concluded that only a machine based on a different principle could further reduced water, chemical and energy consumption.

Lab-ProLogo2013 Lab-Pro GmbH acquired the rights and know-how of the Rotowa from W&S Engineering, Switzerland. Rotowa is a machine used to efficiently bleach medical gauze made from cotton. Understanding the advantages of the Rotowa and combining the Rotowa know-how with the dyeing machines expertise, Lab-Pro GmbH patented an all new discontinuous dyeing machine named DYEWA.

Lab-Pro GmbH is sure that DYEWA is good news for dye houses looking for a greener and a much cheaper way of bleaching and dyeing open width knit fabric! By the way, Lab-Pro’s products are installed around the world by companies trying to stay ahead of their competition andf producing environmental friendly!

The company is an exhibitor at ITMA 2015 in Milan (Hall 14, Booth D106).


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