High security manufacturing site for production of SIM- and Smartcards plus RFID Tokens

High security manufacturing site for production of SIM- and Smartcards plus RFID Tokens

German Elatec Group with its business field Card Solutions and RFID Systems as manufacturer and ELCO as distributor has opened a new factory. Elatec will produce at the more than 1600 m2 site SIM card and packages as well as RFID-Tokens


The factory is equipped with most modern machinery and has actually a SIM card capacity in the double digit million range. SAS security measures are not only guaranteeing but supersede standards prescribed by GSM Association for sites to personalise SIM Cards.

“Our continuous growth underlines our aim that we document with the opening of the new manufacturing site Northeast of Bosnia and Hercegovina: We would like to become one of the internationally recognised centres for the personalisation of SIM Card. We did not compromise with the safeguarding and admission procedures of the buildings”, declares Benedik Leisten, Department Manager at Elatec Card Solutions. Production and packaging stations at Gračanica are equipped with building measures, 60 surveying cameras, motion control and accession control systems, Production and security control room are areas of highest security. All person and goods traffic forms part of strict control. “With the erection of the site we had the possibility to realise security assets and production and package station according to the newest standards”, explains Bendikt Leisten., One floor of the two stories high building is reserved for the product sector Card Solutions and one is destined to RFID Systems.

ELATEC is a developer of RFID reading systems, components and systems. In addition the company is a highly specialised distributor for semiconductors, industrial computer systems, display technologies and solutions. Elatec has nine subsidiaries in Europe, USA, Brazil and Australia, including a worldwide dense network of distribution. The enterprise delivers a broad product palette from leading manufacturers serving all market segments of the electronic industry. Elatec has four business fields: RFID Systems, Electronic Components, Card Solutions and Security Solutions.


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