A change from laser to ink-jet printing increases productivity of enterprises

A change from laser to ink-jet printing increases productivity of enterprises

According to a neutral test of Buyers Laboratory LLC Epson estimates that around EUR 55.2 million of cost reduction could be achieved annually. The cost savings may explain the rapid growth of market share of ink-jet printers. The annual growth rate reached around 13 % and on the same track ink-jet printers for business printers will grow 34 % (Source IDC)

The results show that enterprises in Western Europe with 100 – 500 collaborators that a change from laser to ink-jet printers provoke less user action, providing less electricity costs, less waste and a reduced maintenance, these results in cost savings of around EUR 4.6 million monthly.

In addition to the BLI conclusions Epson WorkForce Pro Business Ink-Jet models offer further advantages: With the output of the first page such models are up to three and a half times faster than Laser or Colour Copiers and up to two times faster as ink-jet printers of competitors.

The time spent by user actions (for instance cartridge exchange) are not necessary up to 40000 printing processes based upon WorkForce Pro RIPS models.Epson WorkForce_pro_Umgebung_1_mid

Compared to cour laser printers and copiers there is a saving of around 100 minutes working time amounting for companies to a saving of almost one working week (up to 4.5 working days) annually.

All these factors are leading to a cost saving of up to EUR 4.6 million monthly or around EUR 55.2 million annually,

Schahin Elahinija, head of marketing of Epson Germany, states: “Epson reaches with an increase rate of around 20 % with Business Ink-Jet printers a markedly higher growth rate in comparison to the total market. Thus, the company expects that this trend will continue in the future, because enterprises with higher printining volume want to decrease their costs. Many companies will change to ink-jet printing in order to realise cost savings and productivity enhancement as part of their competitive edge. The high speed of WorkForce Pro Printers was possible by the Epson PrecisionCore-Printer head that has been developed for the commercial market. The result directly gneerats a true added value for the end user: first class picture quality, high speed, ink and media flexibility, reliability and scaling.”

The WorkForce Pro Rips models have a very productive ink supply reaching up to 75000 pages without exchange of consumables. This results that these models advance 4.5 times more than colour laser printers and copiers and up to 17 times farther than colour ink-jet printers of competitors.,

“The analysts of BLO were impressed by RIPS, the Replaceable Ink Pack System. The print life and the high availability are decisive” states Simon Plumtree, European Managing Editor of BLO, and he adds: “It is clear that Epson is covering with this performant equipment and its polyvalent functions covers up for weaknesses of traditional printers and copiers.

Besides of the enhanced productivity and the low needed user action the BLO tests show that the WorkForce Pro-Models need up to 82 % less energy and up to 95 % less waste then competitor equipment, in addition they produce with a low noise level.


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