Unique NGO Combining Diplomacy and Fashion Diplomatique Ventures launch Kickstarter

Unique NGO Combining Diplomacy and Fashion Diplomatique Ventures launch Kickstarter

20150824125339ENPRN260468-Diplomatique-Ventures-Logo-90-1440420819MRDiplomatique Ventures is a one-of-a-kind diplomatic organization that works towards cultural unification through the combination of fashion and diplomacy. Diplomatique Venture’s initial offering is the clothing line DV Elegance: four lines of a technologically advanced fabric blend never seen before; weatherproof, waterproof, stain proof, and bacterial resistant, being six times stronger than steel and four times stronger than Kevlar, using silk with spider web genetic characteristics. Recently, the organization announced an August 24, 2015 launch date for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the funds to release the first run of their four fashion collections

The world can absolutely become a better place if people take the time to understand each other better.  That idea is the guiding light behind the unique diplomatic organization Diplomatique Ventures, who aspire to combine diplomacy and fashion with the practical goal of unity and peace.

Each collection is unique and has been designed to fit a certain diplomatic area. Diplomatique Ventures’ Elegance Collection will consist of four important fashion lines: The Religious collection, which has been approved and endorsed by influential religious leaders for conformity. The Diplomatique collection is a high tech suit collection for diplomats and leaders, and the Gold collection is an everyday informal collection. Finally, the Ahura Collection, based on traditional, cultural, and ancient wear, based on centuries influence.

“Diplomacy is the artistic translation of peace, without it the world would have ceased to exist,” commented a spokesperson from Diplomatique Ventures.  “Our mission is to unite people of all cultures, religions, and backgrounds within their communities and throughout the globe. We are the voice, the protection, and the future for people around the world. Everyday wear with a protection of a lifetime through fashion.”

All of the clothing produced by DV Elegance will be handmade in both the USA and Africa by a team with experience of over 200 years. Backers will delight in the fact that each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee.

DV Elegance is ran in support of the DV Foundation, a division of Diplomatique Ventures, which supports humanitarian efforts globally. Some of its work includes building schools, hospitals, providing networks/communications, and much more. The DV Foundation’s mission is to unite people of all cultures, religions, and backgrounds for peace and diplomacy within their communities and, ultimately, throughout the globe.

The Kickstarter campaign has set a goal of USD 250000 to be raised by September 24, 2015. Early feedback for the designs has been remarkable.

Christine C., a lifestyle blogger from Los Angeles, recently said, “I have been lucky enough to see advances of the DV Elegance clothing collections and I couldn’t be more impressed.  I have never seen anything like this. The materials are amazing and the design styles are also very exceptional.  It’s rare when wearing amazing clothing can support a great cause, but here that’s exactly the case.  Five stars.”


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