YELO – a Revolutionary Solar School Bag Transforms Into a Writing Desk

YELO – a Revolutionary Solar School Bag Transforms Into a Writing Desk

Students in Rural Areas Lack Access to Basic Educational Infrastructure Like a Basic School Bag, a Writing Desk and a Light Source to Study  

Yelo bag20140908043323ENPRNPRNE-PRAYAS1-1y-1410150803MRMillions of students worldwide have to sit on the floor in odd postures for a continuous stretch of six-eight hours, which results in back pain, bad eyesight and inability to concentrate and study.

Nine in 10 students face posture related problems at their very early age. Electricity is a major problem in rural areas. 1.3 billion people around the world still live without access to electricity. After dark most of the students study in kerosene and other fuel based lights that release significant quantities of CO2, which have been cited as a cause of everything from cancer to behavioural deficits.

The Indian company’s product designer Saurabh Bag has intelligently designedYelo20140908044140ENPRNPRNE-PRAYAS2-1y-1410151300MR school bag ‘YELO’ made up of recyclable plastic which is a perfect low-cost durable solution as a school bag used by children, it not only helps children carry their books and study material safely (irrespective of the weather conditions) but also transforms into a school desk with a single fold technique. The desk offers an angle of 30-35 degrees for students to write and read, thus ensuring they maintain an ergonomic posture while studying.

YELO comes with a solar LED lamp with rechargeable battery in a solar kit, can be charged through solar energy as well as supports AC charging that lasts up to eight hours.

The innovative YELO bag has not only been appreciated at the state level but has also been awarded for the innovation nationally by The Department of Science & Technology of India. The bag in itself speaks a lot. Not limited nationally, the product has made its place globally too and is receiving great response from countries in Africa.

“To date we have facilitated more than 2,000 rural students nationally with help of NGO’s from different parts of India. We are looking for more collaboration with government organisations, NGO’s, corporate and other social organisations worldwide so that we can reach every single student,” says Manish Mathur, Managing Director of Prayas Innovation.

 A better “World for ALL” is what YELO stands for.

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