A doll and a teddy are the best friends of kids

A doll and a teddy are the best friends of kids

Doll 59736MY FRIEND CAYLA, the world’s best-selling talking doll, has officially arrived at major American retailers announced toy manufacturer Genesis in week 35

U.S. National retail chains, Walmart and Target, are just two among the confirmed retailers distributing the highly coveted tech toy. Until now, the award winning 18-inch doll, which allows real-time two way conversations, had only been available outside the United States. MY FRIEND CAYLA was a coveted toy on international holiday shopping lists last season, and according to NPD, was a top 10 toy for European retailers Amazon UK, Tesco, Argos and Carrefour. In addition to real-time two way conversation technology, the doll can play games, tell stories and offers a free Spanish language option for bilingual families. MY FRIEND CAYLA is also fully compatible with clothing and accessories for most 18-inch dolls.

MY FRIEND CAYLA is making her U.S. debut alongside another Genesis creation MY FRIENDTeddy-20-08-_2015_11-11-53 TEDDY.   MY FRIEND TEDDY is a cuddly teddy bear, designed equally as a personalized plush toy companion, as well as a development tool for pre-schoolers. Parents are able to customize child specific information, such as favourite characters, family names, and birthdays, and Teddy will incorporate them into an engaging interactive and storytelling dialogue. MY FRIEND TEDDY has already begun to appear on numerous international “must-have” toy lists for the 2015 holiday season.

Based on attractive price points of USS 59.99 for MY FRIEND CAYLA and USD 39.99 for MY FRIEND TEDDY, industry analysts predict that both award-winning products will be sold out before the holiday shopping season begins.

Founded in 2013 under the mission: To entertain children around the world and become a memorable part of their childhood, Genesis has connected with like-minded individuals to establish itself as a leading designer, developer and marketer of innovative children’s entertainment products.




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