Individual dirt protection floor coverings in photo quality

Individual dirt protection floor coverings in photo quality

In only three steps a customer becomes its own designer for individual dirt protection floor coverings with the CWS Logo floor covering design system.

Such floor coverings take-up dirt and humidity and provide more cleanliness and security foremost in entry areas. More and more enterprises are using the surface of such floor coverings to place their company logo or to present other messages in various forms and colours.

CWS-logomatte_lavendelfeldNow CWS offers a sharp solution: Logo floor coverings in photo quality and with 150 standard and 16 million special colours. Customers can create their own floor coverings online design system. The comfortable CWS-boco full service contains not only cleaning, but also home delivery of the floor coverings.

As of now CWS is offering superior photo quality allowing the reproduction of fine writings or particular details and by high definition printing quality that was improved three times.  

CWS-druck_von_logomattenAs it is, the first impression counts. The image of a company presents itself already at the entry door, in the reception area and in elevators. “Representative floor coverings are therefore a requirement, particularly in entry areas. These help to reduce dirt and to enhance the building optically”, declares Lahbib El-Hadra, floor covering specialist in the product management at CWS-boco Germany. The floor covering is providing a distinguish ambiente and it symbolises also the appreciation towards hosts and collaborators. Such floor coverings are also good hints in retail areas, for instance with in-prints such as “keep distance”.

CWS customers wishing to develop their own floor covering design can do that with the help of the CWS logo floor covering design system, and in three steps to define the floor covering’s form, the background colour, the size of the floor covering and then by adding images and texts. When clicking on “offering” the draft will be dispatched to a CWS expert to work on the detailed offering. In addition there are individual floor covering forms and sizes to be chosen from.

The highly absorbent High-Twist-Nylon floorings of CWS floor coverings reliably dirt and humidity. Both will be brushed off from the shoe soles and immediately absorbed, per m2 the take-up is up to 4.8 litre, leading also to a marked reduction of cleaning costs in entry sectors.  CWS offers a very practical hiring of the floor coverings, they are regularly picked-up, cleaned and re-delivered. The customer need no additional effort and offers his guests always a very neat image of the company.

CWS-boco Germany GmbH is a leading supplier of textile services and professional laundry hygiene solutions from one source, such as the renowned CWS towel, soap and perfume dispenser, innovative dirt absorbent floor coverings, as well as industrial laundering of professional and business wear, customer oriented Corporate Fashion Collections and protection and security wear from boco. All of these are offered in a flexible hiring service model.

CWS-boco Germany is one of 19 country companies of CWS-boco Group, a 100 percent holding of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, Germany. The company has around 3500 collaborators of more than 50 nationalities and around 45 apprentices. With full services CWS-boco Group’s 2014 turnover amounted to EUR 751 million.

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