Eminent professor to introduce Industry 4.0 in South Korea

Eminent professor to introduce Industry 4.0 in South Korea

Prof. Kang, Tae Jin, Seoul National University, was ceremoniously given farewell on August 10, 2015 after a four-weeks-stay at ITA Institute for Textile Technology of RWTH Aachen University. Prof. Kang – one of the most respected professors in textile research worldwide – will publicise and popularise the topic Industry 4.0 in South Korea

The field of mechanical engineering is very important in South-Korea. The real term revenues of textile machinery production in South-Korea increased from EUR 48 billion in 2013 to EUR 53 billion in 2014. South-Korea survived a weaker phase recently and takes an active part in the mid-tech-machines landscape. The investments are growing again. The “Internet of Things” – i.e. the computer’s replacement through „intelligent items“, for instance miniaturised computers in garments – is a technology theme of importance (source: Sector Report Engineering of German Commerzbank).

ITA-Korea“Industry 4.0” forms part of “Internet of Things”. It enables a high flexible production through a paradigm change from centralised to decentralised augmented control systems. Prof. Kang will introduce Industry 4.0 as a subject in South-Korea at research facilities, and small and medium-sized enterprises in detail. The point of time is ideal to promote „Industry 4.0“, and thereby an effortless and frictionless communication of equipment and plants.

„ We can manage to make a direct contribution to the progress in South-Korea through the successful cooperation with Prof. Kang“, ITA head Prof. Gries confidently feels. „We are looking forward to our further teamwork. “

Prof. Kang was bestowed on July 20 2015 with Kármán-Fellowship of RWTH Aachen University for his long service to cultivate the German-Korean collaboration. He has maintained a close collaboration with Prof. Gries of ITA. Now he will increase the knowledge of the German mode of functioning in South-Korea, i.e. the collaboration with universities, institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises. In this respect, he also supports the German-Korean cooperation.

The core expertise of ITA of RWTH Aachen University is based on textile related production technologies and high performance materials. With the inauguration of the Centre of High Performance Materials in December 2012, ITA offers small and medium industry direct access to scientific research especially in the fields of high modulus fibres and composites. ITA provides research and development services and advanced training and creative workshops in cooperation with its partner company 3T TextilTechnologieTransfer GmbH. Furthermore, ITA graduates students in various textile related courses.



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