Jeanologia means innovative garment processing technologies

Jeanologia’s Innovative Garment Processing Technologies

Lenzing, a worldwide leader in the production of cellulose fibers, will introduce a TENCEL® fibre indigo chambray collection called TENCEL® 24: Day into Night. The new ladies wear Lenzing-1-02-08-_2015_19-21-26collection is a platform to showcase the breadth and beauty of “the” most recognizable type of fabrics made out of TENCEL®. This most modern of slants on TENCEL® is also in line within Lenzing’s commitment to fibre innovation and environmental responsibility

“Introducing sustainable new ideas for the denim market requires collaboration across the entireLenzing-02-08-_2015_19-22-43 supply chain including garment processing,” says Tricia Carey, Director of Business Development for Denim. “The TENCEL® 24: Day into Night collection was a conscious effort to show that adopting the new environmentally responsible laundry techniques does not mean sacrificing aesthetic excellence, indeed we hope that everyone will see that it has taken TENCEL® chambray to another level.

To create the collection’s fresh take on classic product, Lenzing partnered with Jeanologia, a global leader in sustainable garment finishing technologies. Chambray indigo fabrics made with TENCEL® fibre provided the perfect canvas for these cutting-edge finishing techniques and resulted in aesthetics which previously would not have been possible to achieve.

“The true beauty of these special chambray fabrics goes well beyond the surface,” says Enrique Silla, Jeanologia co-founder. “Years of innovation have gone into producing both the fibre and the finishing technologies. It is 20 years since we first worked with TENCEL® fibres and this collection has surpassed anything we have previous produced which is proof that we do not have to sacrifice the product to be green.”

The TENCEL® 24: Day into Night collection uses complementary fibres blends across five fabrics made out of TENCEL® fibres. Bases provided by Artistic Fabric Mill in Pakistan and Korat in Turkey.

The collection showcases a versatile flow of garment styles from bottoms into tops, casual into formal, and day into night. Lenzing’s focus on the denim market allows them to work closely with companies across the supply chain to effectively create new fabrics and products and get them to market quickly.

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