A world without colour is unimaginable

A world without colour is unimaginable

ACIMIT, the umbrella association of Italian textile machinery manufacturers, has produced an extraordinary video on colour, produced jointly by the Italian Trade Agency in cooperation with ACIMIT, and thanks to the financial support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development

The video on colour, produced by Italian Trade Agency in cooperation with ACIMIT, thanks to the financial support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, highlights the great tradition of the Italian textile dyeing/finishing/printing sector. Aesthetic value, functionality, comfort of textile and fashion products are the global result of each intermediate production process: from spinning, to weaving, to dyeing (or printing) unto finishing, the ultimate and decisive segment of the production cycle where the textile item changes and enhances. These finishing operations evidence the indispensable contribution of technology to shape the colour, giving to the textile item its definitive surplus value, which is an essential requisite to get consumer’s preference.

In this segment of the textile production chain the Italian machinery exceeds in quality. In Italy the machines for finishing account for 46% in terms of companies and for 33% in terms of number of employees of the whole textile machinery industry. The production in 2014 reached 535 million euro, of which exports represents 88%.

In the dyeing/finishing/printing sector the Italian supply is characterized by the excellence of the production and the strong innovative dimension. In the 1970s the main requests of innovation were from the fashion world, for which some machines such as air tumble and garment dyeing were developed. Later, environmental protection has become an additional value in the development of Italian machinery. The demand for sustainable products involves the realization of machines even safer and environmentally friendly.

The innovative goals today go through the printing sector; in the digital printing, in particular, the Italian companies are at the top. But innovation characterized also the changes made to some traditional machines (e.g. steamer and washing plant) to meet the needs of this new trendy and less pollutant production. 

At ITMA 2015 it would be possible to verify how the interaction between competences, chemistry evolution and mechanical innovation is an advantage for the Italian manufacturers of finishing sector to develop sustainable machinery. In Milan in the finishing/printing sector the Italian exhibitors will be about 150 for an occupied surface of almost 15000 m2.

TextileFuture recommends to view the worthwhile video “What would the world be without colour?” at the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQGLCoAK2zs


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