Lenzing broadens its technical customer service in Asia

Lenzing broadens its technical customer service in Asia

Austrian Lenzing announced the opening of their newest customer service centre in Hong Kong last week. The new centre is strengthening Lenzing’s customer service in North Asiacsm_8KC_9912A_62fb5dd5b0

Lenzing is known for its world-wide customer service for textile- and nonwovens. A network team of nearly 100 Lenzing technicians offer customers a world-wide service in processing Lenzing fibres.

Furthermore Lenzing provides in all stages of the textile and nonwovens industry with its experts special processing know-how in spinning, knitting, weaving and finishing to their global customer base. With the opening of the Hong Kong lab, Lenzing is strengthening the North Asia region. It will be one of the biggest centres amongst the other 10 existing customer service sites.

The official opening celebration will be held by Lenzing Chief Commercial Officer Robert van de Kerkhoff and the Technical Customer Service Director Albert Leitner. “The technical team is committed to service. With their special know-how they create value for our customers, which enable our customers to offer best in class products out of our fibers TENCEL® and Lenzing Modal® to global consumers”, explains Robert van de Kerkhoff.

“In Hong Kong we invested in the best equipment available on the market”, explains Albert Leitner, Technical Customer Service Director. “Hong Kong is the ideal place for this centre to serve our Asian customers efficiently”, says Leitner. Main tasks of the new Lenzing customer service centre are technical consulting, training and education through workshops and in-house trainings, product and process development, quality management and fabric certification for the fibre brand license program of Lenzing.


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