Italian SDA Bocconi School of Management Excellence for arts, fashion and design

Italian SDA Bocconi School of Management Excellence for arts, fashion and design

Inspired by Italy’s cultural heritage, SDA Bocconi School of Management shows its expertise in three highlights of Italian Excellence: arts, fashion and design (and food and201Bocconi 50726235954ENPRN237941-SDA-Bocconi-Milano-Campus-1y-1437955194MR beverage)

“Italy’s rich cultural heritage deserves to be shared with new generations.” With these words Bruno Busacca, Dean of SDA Bocconi, underlines the commitment of the School to Italian Excellence. Having long been the hub of fashion & design, food & beverage and arts & culture, Milano is the ideal campus to discover the strengths that characterize Italy, allowing SDA Bocconi to bring together business and innovation with the unparalleled wealth of Italian cultural heritage.

The support of Altagamma, an association of internationally renowned Italian companies operating in the high end of the market, broadens the professional growth of students: many business leaders from highly successful companies have taught classes alongside resident and visiting professors. Moreover, the alumni network constitutes a crossroads of professionals with whom you can talk and share your experience.

Leveraging on Italian excellence, three master programs will strengthen the cultural background and professional skills of participants.

The Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management (MAFED) aims at the culture of result-oriented creativity. You will receive specialized management education and tools in one of the world’s fashion & design capitals, where many high-profile events take place every year.

The Master in Arts Management and Administration (MAMA) aims to support artistic innovation and cultural development worldwide. Milan will give you exposure to a thriving and globally famous cultural environment, as well as being the perfect base to explore a country that has had a vast influence on art throughout its long and significant history.

In addition there is also a master programme for Food and Beverage Management.

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