A contemporary 51 piece handbag line by U.S. All Saints

A contemporary 51 piece handbag line by U.S. All Saints

The 51 piece Capital Collection is the latest non-apparel category launch to highlight the brand’s commitment to design-led innovation and quality craftsmanship. With extensiveAll Saints 3 20150728055957ENPRN245930-AllSaints-Club-Bucket-1y-1438063197MR knowledge and a 21-year archive, AllSaints’ expertise in leather has been elevated to new levels of refinement, using bespoke premium materials and an evolved colour palette expressed in rich and warm tones.

Taking the iconic AllSaints biker jacket as the starting point to explore and experiment, the collection of contemporary pieces – the tote, satchel, hobo, clutch, cross-body, bowling, mini and shoulder bag – expresses confident femininity within the brand’s attitudinal industrialism.

Unexpected techniques and textural juxtapositions form the basis of this sophisticated and versatile collection: minimalized zips and chains are refined and elegant, studs are concealed by leather, embossed logos appear in hidden places, and the functional requirements of stitching and braiding become the heart of the design proposition.

The collection is categorized into four distinct families, each one’s name referencing the streets surrounding AllSaints’ creative studio in East London.

Wil Beedle, AllSaints’ Creative Director, comments: “Launching a full range of women’s bags has provided us with the perfect opportunity to take our love and expertise of leather into a highly elevated and feminine arena. The collection’s myriad textures, techniques and details exude real craftsmanship and refinement while maintaining the brand’s spirit and attitude.”

The collection:THE PARADISE is refined, chic and minimalist, this family of totes, hobos, satchels and compact shoulder bags are made with cow leather and resin and remain unlined to create extra softness and lightness. Bespoke two-tone bubble leather is overprinted upon base colours to create a signature layered texture.THE FLEUR DE LIS is using soft nappa and Italian cashmere suede these multi-functional totes, hobos, cross bodies and large shoulder bags integrate signature AllSaints biker jacket detailing to refined effect. Zips with tassles and braiding, bespoke zip pullers, cover studs in leather, zipped big pocket and flat chains combine attitude with femininity.THE DARLING is presented exclusively in iconic AllSaints black premium leather, the tote, hobo, satchel and shoulder bag combine soft nappa with more rigid vachetta harnesses. Handles can be extended or shortened to become belts, while the sides open and close to transform the bag’s overall silhouette. THE CLUB is compact and minimalist, these cross bodies, clutches and bucket in biker leather emphasize key fashion structures within the AllSaints biker aesthetics of bespoke zips, pullers and braided details. As the collection’s principal day/evening proposition, straps can be used or removed according to context.

Presented across the entirety of the collection, the bespoke colour palette includes midnight blue, burgundy, taupe, tan, cement, chocolate browns, lead metal and black.


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