Separation from partner by Messe Frankfurt and offering of an alternative trade fair

Separation from partner by Messe Frankfurt and offering of an alternative trade fair

After Euromold organiser Demat GmbH repeatedly failed to meet its contractual payment obligations over the past years, Messe Frankfurt had no choice but to terminate extraordinarily its contract with the guest organiser directly after Euromold 2014. In February 2015, Messe Frankfurt initiated legal proceedings in order to claim outstanding receivables in the upper six-digit range

Prior to terminating the contract, Messe Frankfurt had, in the course of numerous talks, offered Demat various forms of cooperation, thus demonstrating its efforts to re-establish a solid basis for Euromold in Frankfurt. These activities reflected a general wish throughout the sector to retain an important market platform in Frankfurt. Parallel to these efforts on the part of Messe Frankfurt, Demat continued with its plans to relocate Euromold to Düsseldorf, announcing its intention to do so during Euromold 2014.

This had been preceded by a steady decline in exhibitors over the years. In response to the wish expressed by many exhibitors to remain in Frankfurt and to establish a forward-looking international event, Messe Frankfurt set up Formnext with extensive input from sector players. This trade fair for additive technologies, tool-making, mould-making and other areas of product development and manufacturing will be taken place in Frankfurt from November 17 – 20, 2015. It is being organised by Mesago, a subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt. The event is actively supported by many market leaders, particularly from the field of additive technologies and 3D printing.

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