Aruna Seth is a famous footwear designer

Aruna Seth is a famous footwear designer

Aruna Seth launched her first collection under her own name at the Milan Fashion Week in 2009. She collaborated with the best Venetian artisans and craftsmanship is empathised in her collections

aruna seth pic 1Aruna is the lead designer behind her brand, inspired to create shoes by the glamour of the Red Carpet. Design and fashion are led by Paris, London and New York City’s fashion weeks. With a long admiration of fashion labels Valentino, Blumarine and Roland Mouret, the Aruna Seth brand is dedicated to be timeless and classic. bridal_brooch_top_view2_compact

Aruna Seth studied shoe design at London College of Fashion and was brought up in a family who owned a shoe companycerise_black_snakeskin_back_view_compact founded over 50 years ago. She has been visiting shoe factories with her father, thus Aruna gained an inherent understanding of the complexities involved in the manufacture process of shoes at a very young age.

As a talented designer, she oversees a design from the idea, initial drawing, last and manufacture. Behind her is working a team dedicated to shoe design innovations. Swarovski crystals are used in inventive forms and shapes. Also fashion trade shows around the globe are visited to source quality materials and the novelty aspect is evident in the new Aruna Seth “Candy” metallic Swarovski heel. Her lines are enjoying the predicate “comfort”. She applies patented technology, meaning that each shoe is lined with a special plush padding in the sole. Designer 6-inch heels can be worn by fashionistas around the world with ease and in style.

The designs were taken-up by Vogue, Tatler, and ELLE. Celebrities walk the Red Carpets in Aruna Seth’s fashionable designs. The designer won Best Shoe Designer Newcomer at the Footwear Fashion Awards 2013. The designer has a strong understanding of the silhouette of a women’s foot.

Aruna Seth’s standalone showroom is based in Belgravia, London.  Her products can be found worldwide, such as at Harrods London, New York, Hong Kong, Milan, Paris and Moscow. The brand is already cult and desired by fashion shoe collectors. The iconic signature styles of the lines are known as Venus, Candy, Cerise and Butterfly.



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